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INSOL Europe Annual Conference 2018, Athens

7 Oct 2018
Parthenon Temple at Athen, photo by Puk Patrick (unsplash)

Professor Irene Lynch Fannon was invited to attend the Judicial Wing meeting of the INSOL Europe Annual Conference to present information on the JCOERE project, which had just kicked off from its start date on October 1st.

The presentation on JCOERE was made at the invitation of Judge Heinz Vallender and Judge Caroline Costello outgoing and incoming Chairs of the Judicial Wing. It was made in conjunction with Paul Omar the Research Technical Officer of INSOL Europe.  A brief description of the project was made given the short time available. The following activities of the project were emphasised to this audience of members of the judiciary across Europe:-

  • Once the obstacles to judicial co-operation were identified by the project, (this will be our Report due in December 2019) the project will proceed to benchmark judicial utilisation and awareness of best practise guidelines on co-operation adopted by European and international organisations described in the Regulation. This will be done through the judicial wing of INSOL and other judicial networks if possible.
  • The project emphasises ongoing dissemination of knowledge and information on co-operation through enhanced judicial and practitioner networks improving judicial co-operation in relation to business recovery in the EU. The aim is to support judicial co-operation in insolvency, and in particular in restructuring cases.

The project was warmly welcomed by those attending.

In addition, later on in the conference (Friday 5th, October ), an important presentation was made by a panel of the judiciary in a session entitled in part as a response to this project and other initiatives.

Cooperation and Communication between Judges in the Cross Boarder Insolvencies under the EIR Recast.

Members of the panel included Prof. Judge Heinz Vallender, (University of Cologne, Germany) as moderator, Judge Caroline Costello (High Court of Justice, Dublin, Ireland), Judge Luciano Panzani (Court of Appeal of Rome, Italy) and Judge Emil Szczepanik (District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, Poland).

This was the first time ever that the conference had held a judicial panel so that the judges could present their issues in full conference. It was most informative and will continue to inform this project.<

JCOERE (Judicial Co-Operation supporting Economic Recovery in Europe) Project

Professor Irene Lynch Fannon, School of Law, University College Cork, Cork, IRELAND , T12 CC79

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