Yoga Bagus Wicaksono

Q:  A brief introduction of yourself 

A: My name is Yoga, from Indonesia. Currently, I am completing a Master Program in Sustainable Energy at UCC.

Q:  What attracted you to study at University College Cork?

A: UCC has a good connection with Research Center such as MaREI. And since I am interested in Marine renewable energy, having an access to the marine energy research center is a big deal for me when deciding the UCC as my study destination.

Q:  What was it like adapting to Ireland, It’s people, culture and surroundings?

A: The dialect is a bit hard in my ear, but Irish really like to complement others. About culture, our class consists of 10 peoples from 7 nationalities, plus several Erasmus students. The exposure of International culture is quite intense.

Q:  If you had to choose your best experience in UCC, which would it be?

A: The field work to the Wind Farm is interesting. However, the most interesting part is the opportunity to take the join course with other Institute such as QUB. By doing a join course it gave me a chance to expand my networking. 

Q:  Do you consider that your experience in UCC has enhanced your abilities and qualities on a personal and professional level?

A: Yes, indeed. In professional level, it gave me knowledge of renewable energy sectors. I learned how to plan a Wind Farm and Solar PV farm projects. I learned how to analyse the energy system and build an energy system model. And much more that I learned in this programme. In personal level, my stay in Ireland had deepen my tolerances with other cultures due to the fact that I live in a multicultural  atmosphere.

Q:  Did you find it easy to make friends on campus and outside of UCC?

A: In campus, not really. But once you found the community that fit you, it would be a sustainable friendship. 

Q:  What is your favourite place on UCC’s campus?

A: Civil Engineering G.9, the place where me and my classmates study for the exam. There is nothing special about this room, but it provide us a private and conducive atmosphere to prepare the exam. 

Q:  What is your favourite place in Cork or elsewhere in Ireland and why?

A: I love the Blackrock – Cobh walking/cycling route. It wasn’t far away from the city center, but it provides me a relaxing cycling experience.

Q:  Would you encourage other international students to study at UCC and why?

A: Please come to UCC and feel the international exposure. It would expand your paradigm about the world.

Q:  If you could give other international students advice what would it be?

A: You might feel the city is quite small, but explore deeper and you’ll find the gem of your journey.

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