PhD and Masters Theses

PhD and  Masters Theses

PhD and Masters Theses


Ciaran Lewis (PhD Thesis, 2012). Measurement and modelling of soil hydrological properties for use in the distributed rainfall runoff model – GEOtop .Lewis 2012 Thesis


Rashad Rafique,Measurements and Modeling of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Irish Grasslands.
Michael Wellock (PhD Thesis, 2011). Draft. The Impact of Afforestation on the Carbon Stocks of Irish Soils..Wellock thesis


Ann-Kristin Kohler (PhD Thesis, 2010). The Carbon Balance of a Blanket Peat Catchment.
Mikhail Mishurov (PhD Thesis, 2010). Nitrous oxide flux evaluation by eddy covariance.


Matteo Sottocornola (PhD Thesis, 2007). Four Years of Observations of Carbon Dioxide Fluxes, Water and Energy Budgets and Vegetation Patterns in an Irish Atlantic Blanket Bog.Sottocornola Thesis

Anne Brune (MEngSc Thesis, 2007). Comparison of the Hydrological Behaviour of Various Irish Catchments.‌


Anna Maria Laine (PhD Thesis, 2006). Carbon Gas Fluxes in an Irish Lowland Blanket Bog. Laine thesis 2006
Paul Guero (MEngSc Thesis, 2006). Rainfall Analysis and Flood Hydrograph Determination in the Munster Blackwater Catchment.Guero Thesis 2006
Julien Gillet (MEngSc Thesis, 2006). Phosphorus loss from soil to water in the Lee catchment - A spatial analysis.Gillet2006Thesis


Delphine Lawton (MEngSc Thesis, 2005).Observations and modelling of carbon dioxide, nitrus oxide and methane using PaSim at Irish grassland site.Lawton Thesis 2005
Emmanuel Steinmann (MEngSc Thesis, 2005). An Investigation of Flood Forecasting using a Physically-Based Rainfall-Runoff Model.Steinmenn Thesis 2005


Gearoid Corcoran (MEngSc Thesis, 2004). Develoment and Examination of Flood Warning Systems for the Munster Blackwater at Mallow.Corcoran2004Thesis
Vesna Jaksic (MEngSc Thesis, 2004). Observations and modelling of carbon dioxide and energy fluxes from an Irish grassland for a two year campaign.jaksic 2004 Thesis
Berthier Marie (MEngSc Thesis, 2004). Artificial Neural Network Modelling of Streamflow and Phosphorus Exports from an Intensively Grazed Grassland.


Ciaran Lewis (MEngSc Thesis, 2003). Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Suspended Sediment loss from Soil to Water from Agricultural Grassland.Lewis Thesis 2003
Fahmida Khandokar (MEngSc Thesis, 2003). Phosphorus in Soils of Pasture Farms Subject to Chemical and Slurry Fertilization.Khandokar 2003 Thesis


Yan Lacaze (MEngSc Thesis, 2002). Soil Moisture and Stream-flow Modelling of an Intensively Grazed Grassland with a 30 Minutes Time Increment .lacaze thesis 2002
Charlotte Le Bris (MEngSc Thesis, 2002). Observations and Modelling of Carbon Dioxide flux from an Irish Grassland for a one year campaign.LeBris Thesis 2002


Moehrlen Corinna (MEngSc Thesis, 1998). A field Investigation of water and energy balance of a grassland catchment.

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