EPA Reports

EPA Reports
  1. Draft report - G. Kiely, P. Leahy, C. Lewis, X. Xu, C. Zhang, Y. He, L. Dao, N. Golden, T. Zi and J.Albertson(2013) Interactions of soil hydrology, land use and climate change and their impact on soil quality (SoilH) EPA STRIVE SYNTHESIS Report (Draft)EpaSoilSynthesisReport
  2. G. Kiely, P. Leahy, F. Ludlow, B. Stefanini, E. Reilly, M. Monk and J. Harris (2010) Extreme Weather, Climate and Natural Disasters in Ireland EPA Climate Change Research Programme 2007–2013 ISBN: 978-1-84095-363-3.EPA Extreme Weather Report
  3. G.Kiely, N. McGoff, J. Eaton, P. Leahy, X. Xu and O. Carton (2010) SoilC – Measuring and Modelling of Soil Carbon Stocks and Stock Changes in Irish Soils EPA report Strive No.35 ISBN: 978-1-84995-320-6.EPA Soil C Report
  4. G.Kiely, P. Leahy, M. Sottocornola, A. Laine, M. Mishurov, J. Albertson and O. Carton (2009) CELTICFLUX: Measurement and Modelling of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Grasslands and a Peatland in Ireland EPA report Strive No.24 ISBN: 978-1-84995-300-8.EPA CelticFlux Report
  5. G.Kiely, G. Morgan, X. Quishie, R. Moles et al. (2007) Eutrophication from Agricultural Sources – Soil and Phosphorus: Catchment Studies EPA report Strive No.35 ISBN: 978-1-84095-240-2.EPA Eutrification Report
  6. G.Kiely, G. Morgan, O. Carton et al. (2007). Eutrophication from Agriculture Sources: Pathways for Nutrient Loss with Emphasis on Phosphorus EPA ERTDI Report No.76 ISBN: 978-1-84095-245-8.‌EPA Eutrophication Pathways
  7. K.Byrne, G.Kiely et al. Evaluation of Models (PaSim, RothC, CENTURY and DNDC) for Simulation of Grassland Carbon Cycling at Plot, Field and Regional Scale Report Series No.20 ISBN: 978-1-84095-148-6.EPA Grassland Carbon Cycling Report
  8. K.Byrne, G.Kiely et al. Quantification of the components of the carbon budget at farm scale EPA STRIVE Programme 2007-2013, end of project report(2003-FS-CD-LS-17)EPA Quantification Report
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