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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

The Centre for Hydrology, Micrometeorology and Climate Change at University College Cork, Ireland is engaged in research in catchment hydrology and hydrochemistry, land-atmosphere interaction, greenhouse gas fluxes and climate change. Hydromet is multidisciplinary with researchers from backgrounds in environmental science, engineering, physics, geography, ecology and applied mathematics.

Currently, our main areas of research are:

  • Monitoring and modelling greenhouse gas fluxes (CO2, CH4 & N2O) in peat and grasslands
  • Flood forecasting, climate extremes, flood warning and flood alleviation research
  • Monitoring phosphorus and nitrates in a set of nested catchments and identifying the mechanisms of phosphorus migration
  • Developing and improving technologies to aid existing experimental techniques and set-ups in the areas of hydrology and meteorology
  • Soil carbon stocks in grasslands, peatlands and forestry
  • Soil hydrology, land use and climate change

The centre has a long record of consulting, including flood studies and other hydro-micrometeorology related problems. The centre's funding comes from the EPA, HEA, OPW, COFORD, DAFF and local authorities in Ireland. European funding programs include CarboEurope IP and NitroEurope.

For research specific enquiries contact: Principle Investigator

Prof. Ger Kiely

Phone: +353 21 4902965



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