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15 Feb 2017
Participants at the EUROCHAMP-2020 Kick-Off meeting in Paris, January 2017. Prof. John Wenger and Dr. Dean Venables (Department of Chemistry and ERI at UCC) were in attendance.

New atmospheric simulation chamber at UCC is part of €9M European research project.

More than 50 European scientists from 10 countries met in Paris last month for the kick-off meeting of the EUROCHAMP-2020 research infrastructure project.

EUROCHAMP-2020 integrates the most advanced atmospheric simulation chambers in Europe into a unique world-class infrastructure for research and innovation. Simulation chambers are highly valuable research tools used by atmospheric scientists to probe the complex processes that occur in the atmosphere. They lay the foundations for air quality and climate models and also aid interpretation of field measurements.

The three day meeting in Paris allowed the partners from 23 research institutes to discuss the implementation of the €9M project. University College Cork (UCC) will receive over €450,000 from the project, which follows on from the €1.1M secured from Science Foundation Ireland by Prof. John Wenger, Prof. Andy Ruth and Dr. Dean Venables to build the new Irish Atmospheric Simulation Chamber Facility in Cork.

Developing innovative protocols for air pollution and climate studies, harmonizing good practises and improving platforms interoperability are among the goals of this initiative but above all, EUROCHAMP-2020 aims at opening its platforms and datasets to a wide range of users.

Trans-national access is now extended to sixteen different chambers and four calibration centres. An upgraded data centre to be launched by July 2017 will also provide access to a huge database of experimental chamber data, advanced analytical resources and high level products.

The consortium also plans to work more closely with the private sector to exploit the innovation potential of the infrastructure by supporting the development of scientific instruments, sensor technologies and materials for removing air pollution. The formation of links with other environmental research groups to promote the sustainability of the chamber facilities within the European Research Area is also a long term objective.

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