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By collaborating with research groups nationally and worldwide, the CRAC Lab are currently playing a significant part in a number of large scale and postgraduate research projects.

Large Scale Projects

  • AtmoAccess
  • AtmoTrace
  • LifeEmerald
  • PortAIR
  • UpCom

Postgraduate Projects

  • Project Title (Hayley Furnell)
  • Project Title (Niall O'Sullivan)
  • Project Title (Eibhlin Halpin)
  • Project Title (Emma Galloway)
  • Project Title (Rosin Byrne)
  • Project Title (Diarmuid Moynihan)

Published Project Reports

Researchers in the CRAC Lab play a major role in the research work carried out for the publication of significant national reports. A number of these, and links to the reports, are listed below.

Summary Year Authors Title Report
EPA STRIVE Report 62 2010 Shouming Zhou and John Wenger Health Effects Associated with the Atmospheric Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Download
EPA STRIVE Report 71 2011 Ian O’Connor Composition and Sources of Particulate Air Pollution in a Port Environment, Cork, Ireland (ELIPSE) Download
EPA STRIVE Report 104 2011 Ian O’Connor, David Healy, Arnaud Allanic, Stig Hellebust, Jennifer Bell, Siobhan Cashman and John Sodeau Studies of the Chemical Composition and Toxicity of Airborne Fine Particles in Cork’s Mid-Harbour Download
EPA Research Report 269 2019 John Sodeau, David O’Connor, Patrick Feeney, Michael Quirke, Shane Daly, Mehael Fennelly, Paul Buckley, Stig Hellebust, Eoin McGillicuddy and John Wenger Online Bioaerosol Sensing (OLBAS) Download
EPA Research Report 318 2020 John Wenger, Jovanna Arndt, Paul Buckley, Stig Hellebust, Eoin McGillicuddy, Ian O’Connor, John Sodeau and Eoin Wilson Source Apportionment of Particulate Matter in Urban and Rural Residential Areas of Ireland (SAPPHIRE) Download


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