1000 L pilot-scale brewery

This modern brewing facility consists of a 2-roller mill, a 3 vessel brew-house (mash vessel, lauter tun, kettle), a biological acidification dosage unit, a whirlpool, a hot-water tank, yeast tubs for yeast propagation, 4 x 10 hl fermentation vessels, 1 x 10 hl bright beer tank, beer sterile filter, kieselguhr filter, a keg filling and bottle-filling plant. Furthermore, a water treatment plant as well as a glycol plant for cooling ensure a perfect operation of the brew house.


10 hl pilot-scale brewery

50 L pilot-scale brewery

This small 50-litre brew house consists of a mashing, lauter and wort boiling kettle. The Whirlpool, cooler and the three 50 Litre fermenters ensure a standardised operation and performance in small half technical scale.


50 l pilot scale brewery


Malting equipment

8kg fully automatic and computer controlled Micromalting unit by Joe White Malting Systems. This plant allows to carry out different malting regimes under standardised conditions.


Pilot scale malting machine


Malt and beer analysis equipment

SCABA, Rapitec-Beer Analyser, Mashbath, Mills, Haze-analyser, Plansifter, NIBEM- Head-Retention, O2-Determination, pressure filtration unit, rheological equipment (Bohlin viscometer, Anton Paar rheometers, RVA). Equipment to carry out standard compositional and microbial analysis. Access to computerised sensory evaluation facilities as well as laser scanning microscopy and electron microscopy.


Brewery lab

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