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Cereal and Beverage Science

Cereal and Beverage Research Group

Welcome to the website of the Cereal and Beverage Research group of Prof. Dr. Elke Arendt


Prof. Dr. Elke Arendt is a Professor at the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork since 1993. She lectures and carries out research in the area cereals and beverage science, with special emphasis on designing foods and beverages for consumers with special dietary needs (gluten free, FODMAP reduced etc.), plant proteins, plant fibers, by-products of the food and beverage industry, food fermentations and starter culture development. She is listed in the top 10 Food Scientists in the world based on citations (Sci Val 2020) and was named highly Cited Researcher in 2017 and 2018 (Clarivate-Web of Sciences

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Cereal and Beverage Science Research Group

School of Food & Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork, College Road, Cork Ireland