Lecture Recording

How to use Panopto

Please note all recordings are now manually recorded by users from classrooms or from personal devices. See our quick start cheat sheet here - Panopto Canvas Cheat Sheet

For a step by step guide please see our Basics of Panopto for Teaching printable PDF document.

It's recommended for staff to go the UCC Panopto course on Canvas to learn how to use Panopto with Canvas.

If you want to learn how to use Pantopto see Panopto's  online video database of videos on how to create, edit. integrate, manage and share videos. Also look at Panopto's Panopto online documentation.
Addtional video quick links:

After a recording, material is uploaded to the Panopto cloud website , it is recommended to edit out uneccessary parts of your video using the Panopto online editor. If you are unable to edit a particular video please contact panoptosupport@ucc.ie

Panopto Support

Please email panoptosupport@ucc.ie for any support queries.

  • If you have a fault or query we will reply to your email within one working day.

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a cloud video platform for recording, live streaming, sharing, searching and managing video content from your computer, laptop or mobile device.  Panopto is integrated with UCC's current learning management system - Canvas

Content Retention/Deletion

  • Delete any non-used videos: Hover over the video, select it or multiple videos and then press the delete button towards the top
  • If you plan to not resue course content from previous years please delete these videos also.
  • To see UCC's policy on recording lectures and rentention visit this page.

How to get setup on Panopto

  • PLEASE NOTE - Panopto is integrated with Canvas and you can log onto Panopto via Canvas. Go to this link Canvas for instructions on how to use Panopto within Canvas.
  • Panopto can record presentations directly to your Canvas module. This only allows students who are registered on that module to view the recordings. 
  • To do this, you must first provision the module for the current year in Canvas, e.g. "2021-XY1234"
  • Logon to the Panopto website directly selecting either the Canvas logon option - https://ucc.cloud.panopto.eu
  • All classroom PCs already have Panopto Recorder which can be launched from within the Panopto website or Canvas.
  • If you are using your own device, learn how to install Panopto on your device here
  • If you are unable to download the Panopto Recorder or require access to specific departmental folders, please contact Panoptosupport@ucc.ie.



Recording Tips

Recording from home. 

  • Minimise background noise when recording
  • Make sure your webcam is at eye level
  • Ensure your light source is in front of you rather than above or behind
  • Do a short test recording where you can assess the quality of your audio and your camera angle.

Recording from a classroom.

  • There is no need to obtain permission from students but you should inform them that a lecture is being recorded.
  • If you need to have a private conversation, mute the mircophone or press pause on the Panopto Desktop Recorder.
  • Certain lecture theatres have microphones that can be muted, unmute these before the lecture to ensure the audio is recorded. 
  • Microphones are designed to pick up the sound in the vicinity of the podium. During a Q&A session, questions may need to be relayed by the speaker so that comments from back of the room can be heard on a recording. 

Recording Slides/PC Screen content.

  • The content from the lectern PC is recorded (including PowerPoint) by default. This is the recommended way to capture content to a Panopto recording.
  • If you are using your own laptop at the lectern to present you will need to record using Panopto from your own Laptop.
  • Alternatively you can use distributed recording to record from you laptop to the Panopto recorder on the lectern PC or use Mirroring360 to wirelessly share your laptop to the lectern PC.

Introduction Slide and Description

The first slide will form the thumbnail/cover for the lecture and will be used for cataloging afterwards. Include the following:

  • The name and logo of the University and name of the Department or Faculty
  • The official Course/Module number or numbers, e.g. HI2006
  • The name of the course followed by the name of the lecturer, e.g.  European History by Joe Bloggs
  • The name of this lecture, followed by a description of where it is in the course, e.g. Lecture 1 of 5: History of Rome
  • Each lecture should be standalone.  

Laser Pointers/Pen Tool in PowerPoint 

  • Laser pointers work well in live lectures but aren't viewable to the online viewer. The pen tool in PowerPoint can be used instead. More on this click here


  • Please give consideration to copyright and whether you have permission to use this material. Please visit the UCC OCLA page for information on copyright

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