Lecture Capture

Panopto Support.

Please email panoptosupport@ucc.ie for any support queries or refer to the FAQ popup or below with any questions.

  • If you have a fault we will reply to your email within one working day.
  • Please allow a week's notice for any requests of new recordings.

If you want to learn how to use Pantop see Panopto's online video database of videos on how to create, edit. integrate, manage and share videos. Also look at Panopto's Panopto online documentation.

Go to our Installing Panopto Recorder page for instructions on how to install Panopto.

PLEASE NOTE - Panopto will be migrating from Blackboard to a new LMS named Canvas later this year.


What is Lecture Capture?

Panopto is an easy to use cloud video platform for recording and live streaming audio, video and other multimedia content from your computer, laptop or mobile device.

For examples of Lecture capture recordings, please click here 

PLEASE NOTE - Panopto will be migrating to a new LMS named Canvas next year.

What can Panopto do?

  • Record and stream your Lectures live and to take live feedback from the participants.
  • Helps created a Flipped classroom teaching environment.
  • Embed quizzes into your Presentation.
  • Allow you to add video from up to nine separate sources.
  • Enables you to accept video assignments from students.
Where is panopto available?
  • Panopto is available as standard on all lecture room computers. It can also be downloaded onto any computer within University College Cork.
  • Please see our list of centrally booked rooms with Camera systems here. Please note some rooms may only have an audio facility for recording Panopto.
Can Panopto manage my videos?
  • UCC's panopto web portal stores and delivers your videos to Blackboard or any LMS.
  • You control who can watch your videos. See Panopto's online instructional videos on how to share. 
  • Online editing your recordings is possible. See Panopto's instructional videos on how to edit.
  • Upload edit and store any pre-recorded videos you have access to. 

Can my students search within a video?

  • Panopto has search Engine which allows students to search videos. 
  • You can search for any word that is spoken or pictured in any video in your library, as well as any word written in your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, and fast forward to that precise moment in one click. 

How to get setup on Panopto

To use Panopto you will need to register, either using your Blackboard account or your UCC-ID (email and password)

Go to this website to logon - https://ucc.cloud.panopto.eu

Please note that all classroom PCs already have it installed.

Install the Panopto Recorder as prompted, if on your own device. Click here for instructions to do this.


  • Panopto can record presentations directly to your Blackboard course. Only allow students registered to that course to view that video. 
  • You must first provision your current year, 2019-XX 0000,  Blackboard course to Panopto.
  • Log in to Blackboard. In a content area in Blackboard, choose Tools, and then Panopto Focus Content.
  • For further information on Provisioning your course in Blackboard- click here.
  • Important Note: For 2019 you need to click on the "Reset Course" button on the bottom of the page and then "configure" button on the nxt page. This then creates the folder 2019-XX 0000, in Panopto.

After registration, you will have full access to your 2019 blackboard folder and can download a recorder to any computer.  Panopto support can also give permissions in existing Departmental folders. For more information click here.


  • If you are not a Blackboard user, you can use your UCC-ID. Register with Panopto by logging in to Panopto UCC here  https://ucc.cloud.panopto.eu
  • Then contact Panopto support, who can give you permissions (access) to existing Departmental folders or  create new folders for you. 
  • Your account will then have the ability to download a recorder to any computer and you will have access to your personal video folder (My Folder).

Scheduled recordings

  • Before any recordings can be scheduled. You will need to have your course provisioned.

Email the following details: 

  • Course name 2019-XX 0000.  The Date, Time and Location of the first lecture and the Date of the last lecture, to panoptosupport@ucc.ie

How to use Panopto

The Panopto website has a collection of tutorials demonstrating how to use Panopto. Under categories of creating, editing, integrating, managing, sharing and viewing. Click here to access this library.

Recording Tips

If you choose to record your lecture, you have two audiences to communicate with. Remain in front of the camera if you are recording video or near the microphone if you are just recording audio.

Ensuring the PC is on if you have a remote recording scheduled.

You should see a red recording light ontop of the green panopto icon in the bottom right hand corner of the PC screen, this indicates the session is being recorded. Do not open the local recorder as this will stop the remote recorder.

Informing the Audience that there is a recording in session

There is no need to obtain permission from students. However, you should inform them that a lecture is being recorded and that their voice may be captured especially if they are sitting near the microphone. If you need to have a converstation with a student which you do not want recorded, mute the mircophone if that option is available. Or, it's advisable to have private converstations with students outside lecture rooms.

Muting and unMuting the Microphone before and during a lecture

Some microphones have a un/mute button to allow private conversation. Ensure the microphone is unmuted before the lecture to ensure the audio is recorded. 

Q&A sessions with an audience, ensure questions are relayed by the host or lecturer nearer the podium.

Panopto microphones are designed to pick up the sound in the vincinity of the podium. During a Q&A, questions may need to be relayed by the host so that can comments from back in the room can be heard on a recording. Use of wireless roaming microphones (available in select loctions, see our Classroom AV info page) to amplify audience members will improve audience amplification on panopto recordings.

Introduction Slide and Description

The first slide will form the thumbnail/cover for the lecture and will be used for cataloging or for reference afterwards. Include the following if possible:

  • The name and logo of the University and name of the Department or Faculty
  • The official Course/Module number or numbers, e.g. HI2006
  • The name of the course followed by the name of the lecturer, e.g.  European History by Joe Bloggs
  • The name of this lecture, followed by a description of where it is in the course, e.g.Lecture 1 of 5: History of Rome
  • Each lecture should be standalone.

Aspect ratio for slides in Powerpoint

Set up the PowerPoint presentation to widescreen mode. Selecting the Design tab in PowerPoint and then Page Setup. The Page Setup dialogue box will appear. Select “On-screen Show(16:10)” from the drop down list at the top left corner.

Laser Pointers/Pen Tool in PowerPoint 

Laser pointers work well in live lectures but aren't viewable to the online viewer.

The pen tool in PowerPoint can be used instead. Roll the mouse over the small toolbar at the bottom left hand side of the slide being presented, or right-click the mouse and then selecting Pointer Options from the dropdown menu. This allows you to point, underline or write over important aspects of the slide. Or, a blank slide can be used as virtual whiteboard . More on this click here



Please give consideration to copyright and whether you have permission to use this material. University College Cork has not yet developed a policy on copyright for podcasts and recorded lectures.

What to do after your recording

After the recording, material is uploaded to a server where editing is possible by logging onto the online app. 

The Panopto system provides a highly managed distribution and viewing system for recorded material, many options are available.

  • It is possible to restrict how the recording is shared.
  • It is also possible to convert to a number of different formats: mp4 video podcast, mp3 audio-only podcast etc.
  • The options can be managed and restricted to suit the needs of clients.

Search Panopto online library of instructional video to learn more about how to use Panopto.

Portable Lecture Capture

You can install the Panopto Recorder on your departmental laptop, and use a USB webcam or a built-in webcam to record material. You can also record with the internal microphone only, if you don't want to record video, but still want slides and audio voice-over recorded. Also note that it is possible to use a webcam as a microphone-only, this often provides better sound quality than the laptop's built-in microphone. USB microphones work very well, too.

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