Assessment Submission

Assessment Submission

Continuous Assessment (essays, projects, etc.) are usually submitted to the Assessment Submission Box on the ground floor hallway (beside Ó Ríordáin Tutorial Room).

Please complete in full a Continuous Assessment Submission (CAS) Form  for each item of assessment being submitted. Make sure that the submission form is firmly attached (stapled) to the assessment.

If you are submitting a Continuos Assessment Mitigation (CAM) Form, please ensure this is also filled out in its entirety and attached to the relevant piece of work. (Refer to your Information Booklet for more information on the Mitigation Process).

Generally, assessments should be submitted no later than 5.30pm on the due date set by your module co-ordinator. Penalties for Late Submission may apply after this (see your Information Booklet for more details).

Visit our , or view our Photo Prompt Sheet for help finding the location of the Assessment Submission Box.

Please Note

In certain cases, alternative arrangements may be made by your module co-ordiantor for submitting assessments (e.g. field projects, dissertations, etc.). You will be informed of this during class times/via email or notices. There may also be specific instructions posted on the Submission Box.

Submission/Mitigation Forms

Copies of the Submission and Mitigation Forms are available at the Assessment Submission Box, or you can download both here:

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