Student Vetting

What programmes are subject to Vetting?

All students, or applicants in receipt of an offer, on the following courses will be subject to Vetting:


Undergraduate (EU & Non EU):

CK111 Early Childhood Studies

CK114 Youth & Community                                                   

CK115 Social Work

CK124 Education - Gaeilge

CK125 Sports Studies & Physical Education

CK701 Medicine

CK791 Graduate Entry to Medicine

CK702 Dentistry

Graduate Entry to Dentistry (Non EU)

CK703 Pharmacy

CK704 Occupational Therapy

CK705 Speech & Language Therapy

CK706 Public Health

CK710 General Nursing

CK712 Children’s & General Nursing Integrated

CK720 Mental Health Nursing

CK730 Intellectual Disability Nursing

CK740 Midwifery

Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Diploma in Dental Nursing

BSc Science Education


CCL Certificate in Contemporary Living

PEC01 Professional Masters of Education

CKD25 PME (Art & Design)

CKW06 Gerontological Nursing

CKD47 & CKD48 MA in Teaching Chinese

CKE13 MA in Applied Psychology

CKE15 MA in Applied Psychology (Guidance Counselling)

CKD39 & CKD40 MA in Applied Psychology (Mental Health)

CKX51 MSc Audiology

MSCPMC MSc Personal & Management Coaching

MSCRT Masters in Radiation Therapy

PGPMC Postgrad Certificate in Personal & Management Coaching

CKD04 & CKD20 MSocSc Youth & Community Work

CKE64 Masters of Social Work

CKX14 & CKX18 Older Person Rehabilitation

CKC06 Postgrad Diploma in Social Work Studies

CKX11, CKX48, CKX34 Postgrad in Public Health

CKX23 MSc Physiotherapy

CKX26 MSc Diagnostic Radiography

CKX29 MSc Radiation Therapy

CKU02 Postgrad Cert in Health Protection

PhD programmes (as relevant)

Adult Continuing Education:

DYCW Diploma in Youth & Community Work

Diploma in Substance Misue & Additction


Students who engage in university activities that may involve unsupervised access to children and/or vulnerable adults will also be subject to UCC’s Vetting processes. This includes, but is not limited to students participating in:


Peer Support Leaders programme

Relevant Societies

Relevant Summer Camps

Relevant Work Placements

Students undertaking a residential period in the Gaeltacht as part of their studies


Admissions Office


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