UCC/FAI Student Activator Recreational Football League

20 Mar 2024

Read more to find about the UCC Soccer Internal 7 a-side League. 

It's great that the UCC/FAI Student Activator Recreational Football Leagues are kicking off with such enthusiasm and participation! With over 32 teams and 300 students involved, it's clear that there's a strong interest in staying active and engaged in recreational sports within the student community.

The initiative to promote physical activity and provide opportunities for students of all levels to get involved is commendable. The fact that it's student-run adds an extra layer of community involvement and ownership, which is fantastic to see.

For those interested in following the action, the uccsmallsidedsoccer Instagram and Twitter accounts provide a great way to stay up to date with the action. 

The inclusivity of welcoming all levels of players ensures that everyone has a chance to participate and enjoy the benefits of recreational sports, regardless of their skill level.

If anyone is interested in joining the leagues or getting more information, reaching out to the UCC/FAI Student Activators is the way to go. With the leagues running throughout the academic year at the Mardyke, there's plenty of opportunity for students to get involved and stay active.

Department of Sport & Physical Activity

Spórt UCC

Ferry Lodge, Mardyke Walk, T12 P282