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Viewing the Northwest

14 May 2014
Viewing the Northwest

Viewing the Northwest: Galician Films, Screenings and Discussions

14th May 2014, 5:30 pm

Unha Casa con Silveiras

Short  - Drama  - 2012 

Director and writer:  Roi Fernández

A House Full of Thorms: The epic of soujourning and dreaming a new place.

14th May 2014, 6 pm


88 min  -  Thriller  -  2010 

Director and writer:  Luis Avilés

Returns: After ten years away from home, Álvaro returns to his village to attend his father’s funeral. There he resumes a difficult relationship with his brother and attempts to win back his daughter’s affection. A further complication arises when he discovers the body of a dead woman on the road.

15th May 2014, 5:30 pm

A Subela

Short  - Drama  - 2002 

Director and writer: Luis Avilés

The Cobbler’s Awl: A shoemaker leads a lonely and monotonous life. Temptation lives next door to him in the form of a prostitute with whom he is fascinated.

15th May 2014, 6 pm

Costa da Morte

81 min  -  Documentary  -  2013 

Director: Lois Patiño

Coast of Death: Costa da Morte is a region in the northwest of Galicia (Spain) whose dramatic name comes from the numerous shipwrecks that have happened throughout history in this area of rocks, mist and storms. We cross this land observing the people who inhabit it: fishermen, gatherers of shellfish, loggers... We witness traditional craftsmen who maintain both an intimate relationship and an antagonistic battle with the vastness of this territory.

16th May 2014, 5:30 pm

Calquera Infindo Posible

Short  - Drama  - 2012

Director and writer:  Roi Fernández

Any Kind of Infinite tells the story of a chess game. Two players, two lost souls: Anibal, an old Galician seaman with the soul of a poet but sceptical after one thousand battles; and Yotuel, a young Cuban dissident who wants to remain a communist, but a free one. The game will reveal a common story of broken dreams, a story to forget for one of them; a story that must be remembered by the other one.  Two different ways to survive the past.

16th May 2014, 6 pm

O Apóstolo

80 min  -  Animation  -  2012 

Director: Fernando Cortizo

The Apostle: An escaped convict tries to recover a loot that was hidden in an isolated village some years ago, but what he finds there will potentially condemn him to a sentence worse than the one he has already endured.

16th May 2014, 7.20 pm

Closing event:                                                                             

Panel discussion with all the aforementioned directors




All films will be shown in Galician/Spanish with English subtitles!

There will be a brief intermission between the short and the feature length films when doors will be opened




Windle Building, room G28

Free admission, all welcome!


Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

First Floor - Block B East O'Rahilly Building University College Cork Ireland