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Seminar with Galician author Elvira Ribeiro

22 Apr 2016

22nd April – 4:30 pm – ORB.124

'A Dozen Galician Women'

Elvira Ribeiro (Writer)

In 1976 the publishing house Galaxia issued A Dozen Galicians, conversations between the journalist and writer Víctor Freixanes and twelve figures of Galician culture. All men. Forty years later, and now well into the second decade of the 21st Century (being called by some “The Woman’s Century”), it is more than appropriate to turn our attention to (at least) “A Dozen Galician Women”, in this case, poets. Each of them Galician and contemporary women poets: Chus Pato (Ourense, 1955), Ana Romaní (Noia, 1962), Helena de Carlos (Cenlle, 1964), Luísa Castro (Foz, 1966), Lupe Gómez (Curtis, 1972), Estíbaliz Espinosa (A Coruña, 1974), Olga Novo (A Pobra do Brollón, 1975), Iolanda Zúñiga (Vigo, 1975), María do Cebreiro (Santiago de Compostela, 1976), Silvia Penas (Vigo, 1980), Valentina Carro (Cambados, 1984), Oriana Méndez (Vigo, 1984).

Elvira Ribeiro (Pontevedra, Galicia) is an award-winning poet and author of children’s literature. She has published more than six collections including Andar ao leu (2005), Arxilosa (2005) awarded the Rosalia de Castro de Cornella Poetry Prize, Biografía da Multitude (2009) awarded the Victoriano Taibo poetry prize 2009, carnia haikai (2011) awarded the Illas Sisargas Erotic Poetry Prize 2011, corpos transitivos (2013) awarded the Avelina Valladares Poetry Prize 2013 and As redes de Inés (2014.) Her most recent collection Playlist para unha retirada was awarded the 2015 Manuel Leiras Pulpeiro poetry prize. Her book for children pAlAbrAs brAncAs, (wHiTe woRDs) was awarded the Xosé Neira Vilas Children’s Literature Prize in 2008. Elvira is a regular performer of her work and collaborates with musicians, performance artists and DJs in Germany and Vigo.

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