SILAS 2015 Event – 100 MORE LIKE THESE

17 Jun 2015

Friday 26th June, 17:00 – Windle Auditorium, UCC

During the three years of the American-Mexican war (1846-48) some 3000 immigrant soldiers deserted the American Army. More than 500 of these- mainly Irish - joined the Mexican side where, led by John Riley from Clifden, Co. Galway, they fought as The San Patricio (St. Patrick's) Battalion.
Although their sacrifice is often overlooked - or ignored - by history these days (indeed, many Irish-American actively distance themselves from the battalion), huge numbers of Mexicans still hold the brave soldiers in high esteem. In 1997, President Ernesto Zedillo marked their 150th anniversary with a commemorative ceremony - which included unveiling a very special An Post-produced memorial stamp - and in 2004, the Mexican Government presented a statue to Ireland in perpetual thanks for the bravery of the San Patricio.
International award-winning author Larry O'Loughlin brings his fantastic new play, 100 More Like These, to Cork!
Performed by award-winning actor/director Stephen Jones, the play tells the story of the San Patricio Battalion from the point of view of fictional Tallaght-born teen Tomas O'Byrne, who unwittingly finds himself caught up in the war while trying to escape arrest! Through his innocent eyes we experience the full horror of these historic events, and the terror can come with trying to do the right thing.
The play's title is taken from a quote attributed to the Mexican leader, General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna: "With a hundred more like these men of Riley's we could have won this war".

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