Portuguese Film Week

21 Feb 2013

Portuguese Film Week


Writers in Film

Portuguese Cinema Week in UCC

March 11th to 15th


Films in Portuguese with English subtitles

All Welcome - Admission Free


Sessions start at 6:15pm



Monday, March 11th
Boole 1

Florbela (Florbela) Directed by Vicente Alves do Ó, 2011 (119min)

Portrait of Portugues poet, Florbela Espanca (1894 - 1930), set in 1920s Portugal. She lived, wrote and died tragically.

Tuesday, March 12th
Electrical Engineering L2

A Costa dos Murmúrios (The Murmuring Coast) Directed by Margarida Cardos, 2004 (122min)

Based on the homonymous novel by Lydía Jorge (1946) set against the backdrop of Mozambique's war of independence in the 1960s.

Wednesday, March 13th

West Wing 5

A Corte do Norte (The Northern Land). Directed by Joao Botelho, 2008 (122min)

Cinema adaptation of the homonymous novel by Augustina Bessa-Luís (1922) inspired by the life of 19th Century Portuguese theatre actress Emília de Sousa.

Thursday, March 14th

Kane Building G18

O Estranho Caso de Angélica (The Strange Case of Angelica). Directed by Manuel de Oliveira, 2010 (97min)

Recently deceased beautiful Angelica comes back to life through the lenses of a young photographer's camera... This is one of Oliveira's most recent films. The master of Portuguese cinema is still, at the young age of 104, producing an average of one film per year!

Friday, March 15th

Boole 2

José e Pilar (Jose and Pilar). Directed by Miguel Gonçalves, 2010 (117min)

Documentary on José Saramago (1922 - 2010), the Nobel Laureate Portuguese writer (1998), and his wife, Pilar del Río.











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