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9 Sep 2020
introducing gender and women's studies 5th edition

Congratulations to Professor Maggie O'Neill, who with Dr. Alison Jobe has a chapter in the fifth edition of this best-selling textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of key issues and debates in gender and feminist theory. 

'introducing gender and women's studies' by Diane Richardson and Victoria Robinson is just published and Maggie and Alison's chapter is 'Gender and Migration'. 


After decades of progress in gender and sexual rights, people in many parts of the world are facing new forms of resistance and opposition to gender equality, this timely publication confirms the continuing importance and relevance of gender and women’s studies.

It has fully revised chapters written by specialists across a range of core topics including sexuality, race, bodies, family, masculinity, methodologies and migration, this collection examines contemporary debates and provides helpful examples and questions to consider.

Furthermore, it reflects the shift from women’s studies to gender studies, incorporating masculinity throughout, debates around global activism, transgender rights and the environment. 


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