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23 Mar 2020
Modern Culture

Congratulations to Dr. Kieran Keohane, whose article "Modern culture and well being: how we may treat the social pathologies of contemporary civilisation" was recently published in Modern Culture and Well-Being: Towards A Sustainable Future compiled and edited by Dr Catherine Conlon.

This book considers what can be done at a personal, national and global level to meet the challenges that confront us in a rapidly changing, unstable and unpredictable world. With chapters on mental well-being, diet and exercise, addiction, global issues of sustainability and more, the book charts a map to take us to a more altruistic, connected and balanced society.

Modern Culture and Well-Being: Towards a Sustainable Future is compiled and edited by Dr Catherine Conlon, a lecturer in the School of Public Health in UCC and Senior Medical Officer with the Department of Public Health, HSE, Cork. 

Veritas Publications (1 December 2019)


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