Sarah Jameel addresses the 2015 Quercus Entrance Scholars

26 Nov 2015
Sarah Jameel, Quercus Active Citizenship Scholar, addresses the 2015 Quercus Entrance Scholars

An inspirational address was given by Sarah Jameel, 2nd year Dental Student and Quercus Active Citizenship Scholar on 26th November at the Quercus Entrance Scholarhip Awards Ceremony. 

You can see Sarah's address here


‘I am the result of the type of diverse, inclusive and holistic education I have been privileged to have. Because of the type of teachers that never gave up on me, and more so because they taught me — how to think but not what to think. And this is what we have at University College Cork — the type of education that is unmatchable and eternal'

Quercus Talented Students' Programme

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