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Quercus Scholar Testimonials

Active Citizenship Scholar Testimonials

Quercus offers up to three Active Citizenship scholarships every year. These scholars are leaders in civic engagement and participation and below are a selection of their programme testimonials. with fellow scholarship recipients created a supportive and
motivating environment.

Quercus Active Citizenship Scholar,
Cian Walsh

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I was always encouraged to speak up and ask for help if I was struggling which was incredibly beneficial.

Active Citizenship Scholar, Emer Neville

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The biggest impact of the Quercus Programme this year has no doubt been my mentor ...

Active Citizenship Scholar, Anna O'Connor

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I believe that this successful programme heavily participates in creating the future leaders, influencers, scientists and artists ...

Active Citizenship Scholar, Fidaa Marouf

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The support from the Programme was a massive help in giving me the space to pursue my active citizenship without compromising my education.

Active Citizenship Scholar, Reuban Murray

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Creative & Performing Arts' Scholar Testimonials

Every year up to three Quercus Creative & Performing Arts' scholarships will be offered to students who demonstrate an exception level of excellence in their chosen art form. Read what some of those scholars have to say about the Programme below. 

With Quercus I was also able to meet people I would have most likely never met before ...

Creative & Performing Arts' Scholar,
Rere Ukponu

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It has allowed me to dedicate so much of my time to my creative and artistic pursuits which have brought such great success.

Creative & Performing Arts' Scholar, Donnchadh Hughes

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The programme has afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians in different academic years and from other musical genres.

Creative & Performing Arts Scholar, Ruby Falvey

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Without question, Quercus has helped me to make the most of my university experience.

Creative & Performing Arts' Scholar, Michael Holden

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Quercus has afforded me the opportunity to continue to train and develop my skills as an actor and a performer whilst giving me the opportunity to continue my formal education.

Creative & Performing Arts Scholar, Sarah Stafford

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It has also been amazing to work and meet like-minded people through the Quercus program who are just as passionate about music as me ...

Creative & Performing Arts' Scholar, Iona Ritchie

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Scholar Testimonials

Up to three Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholarships are awarded every year. Here you can read what some of those Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholars have to say about the programme. 

It has been a joy to live with motivated people who are incredibly talented at what they do, which has in turn made me more motivated...

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Scholar, Alex Goodison

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I knew I always wanted to go to college and get my degree, but I did not want to have to give up my business to be able to do that and because of Quercus I can have them both.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Scholar, Annie Madden

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As a result of Quercus I have been able to integrate my education with my business endeavours and grow as both a young entrepreneur and a UCC student.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Scholar, Emma Coffey

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Being a part of the Quercus programme has had a transformative effect on the achievement of my entrepreneurial ambitions.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Scholar, Nick Cotter

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Sports Scholar Testimonials

Up to five Quercus Sports scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate an exceptional level of excellence in their chosen sport every year. Read some of these scholars' testimonials about the programme below. 

I have really enjoyed being a Quercus scholar this year as I feel it has helped me reach my sporting and academic goals.

Quercus Sports' Scholar,
Lauren Cripps

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...having workshops such as the nutrition ones are helpful in trying to reach high level performance.

Quercus Sports' Scholar, Shane Barrett

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I have learned through speaking to Quercus Scholars that we all go through ups and downs in both our sports and in our lives & that it is about how we can take that hit and bounce back is what counts.

Quercus Sports' Scholar, Sean Edogbo

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This programme has made a huge difference in my sporting career but it has also provided me with much more holistic support and experiences I would have never had only for this scholarship.

Quercus Sports' Scholar, Ger Millerick

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Knowing that there is a Quercus team that has put faith in me and is there to provide any support I need and is egging me on to do well in hockey is really encouraging for me ...

Quercus Sports' Scholar, Sarah Murphy

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It is the best scholarship in Ireland hands down!!

Quercus Sports Scholar, Maeve Gallagher

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University (Academic) Scholar Testimonials

Four Quercus University Scholarships are awarded every year to current UCC students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. Here are the testimonials supplied by some of those University scholars. 

... enabled me to optimise my time in college and plan strategically ...

Quercus University Scholar,
Amergín Quinlan

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It is no doubt the most prestigious Undergraduate Scholarship in the country.

University Scholar, Siobhán Cronin

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Attending the Quercus Lecture Series was an enlightening experience - offering insight into the incredible range of talent & skill of my peers in UCC.

University Scholar, Aine Ginty

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Academically, being a part of Quercus opened up many doors for me.

University Scholar, Hannah Keohane

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The Quercus programme has helped me to develop self-belief, trust and confidence in myself and my abilities ...

University Scholar, Marieke Buckley

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Quercus Talented Students' Programme

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