Each year Quercus nurtures a handful of minds, believed to have the potential to grow beyond all expectation.

Quercus Talented Students' Programme

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The Quercus Programme gives you opportunities that you normally wouldn't get at under-graduate level

Cian Gallagher
Quercus University Scholar

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Quercus Talented Students' Programme

In University College Cork we believe in creating an environment in which academic excellence can be combined with opportunities for personal development. We are committed to the intellectual growth, social formation and welfare of our students and recognise the strength that is derived from student diversity. Excellence underpins everything we do at UCC, and the University recognises exceptional students when they join, as well as those who develop their talents while studying here.

UCC acknowledges that while attainment in the Leaving Certificate may be used to recognise academic talent, many students are prevented from performing to the maximum of their academic ability in this examination due to social and cultural factors outside of their control, through disability or through their commitment to the pursuit of excellence in their personal extra-curricular talent or skill. UCC also acknowledges that some students do not realise their potential until they have commenced their university studies, and will often achieve outstanding academic and personal accomplishments post-entry.

To this end, we are pleased to introduce the Quercus Talented Students’ Programme aimed at supporting and promoting excellence in academia, sport, creative and performing arts, active citizenship and innovation/entrepreneurship for both prospective undergraduate/level 8 students and students already registered in UCC. In addition to the scholarships in these areas we also offer three types of Quercus Academic Scholarship. Students, where eligible, who are offered more than one Quercus Scholarship will accept subsequent scholarships on the basis that the bursary award from the highest valued scholarship only will apply.

Quercus is the Latin for oak - or Arabic for cork- the cork that is derived from the cork oak in Iberia.  AT UCC we use the symbolism ‘from acorn to mighty oak’ to represent  the growth that  arises from nurturing talent through support, challenge and mentoring both academically and in other areas of talent. 

For further information on each of our programme areas please see the links below:

In 2017 Cork celebrated the 100th anniversary of Ford in Ireland. One century on from the opening of the Henry Ford & Son Limited manufacturing plant on the Marina in Cork city, which brought considerable socio-economic benefits to the city and the surrounding areas, the company's links to Ireland remain strong.

To commemorate the centenary of Ford in Ireland, the Ford Centenary Quercus Scholarship was established to support students with outstanding promise. Below is a photo from the launch event and from left to right it shows: Sarah Jameel (Quercus Active Citizenship Scholar), Ciarán McMahon (Managing Director of Ford Ireland), President Patrick O'Shea (UCC President), Prof. John O'Halloran (Deputy President & Registrar, UCC), Bill Ford (Executive Chairman of Ford and great-grandson of Henry Ford) and Ciara Judge (Quercus Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholar).


Quercus Talented Students' Programme

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