Mzuzu University Book Raiser

14 Mar 2016
From Fire to Light

On the 16th of March 2016, we will be having the first ever BOOK RAISER on campus (Devere Hall from 3-4pm) to restore the lost textbooks by challenging every UCC student and faculty to donate one textbook they are not using or would like to gift to the students in Malawi. 

The books will then be shipped to Mzuzu University. For those from outside Cork, Ireland and would like to uplift the lives of these students, you can donate here ( at the FROM FIRE TO LIGHT crowdfunding campaign to rebuild the university library which will now include ICT facilities.

Special thank you to Stephen Bean at the UCC Audio Visuals Office for putting this video together:

Watch it to learn more, share it, and do your thing so that we can get them #fromfiretolight.

As this is a campaign initiated by two Quercus Scholars together with faculty, we will be having some of our Quercus family there to support the effort. Ben O' Callaghan (Quercus Performing Arts Scholar) will be playing his amazing Irish traditional/house music for us and some of the other scholars will be at the event to help out. If any faculty or students would like to help out on the day of event or after to arrange the books to be shipped, they can get in contact with either myself or Alex via email or by sending us a message on the Facebook page:

Quercus Talented Students' Programme

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