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School/Department Safety Management System


Department/School/College safety management responsibilities are outlined already  under policies and procedures. See link Organisation and Safety Arrangements

School/Department management must compile a department safety statement and instutite a department safety management system.  See link General Safety Arrangements

The Work manual for the generation of a Departmental Safety Statement is available from the Health and Safety Office. See link Health and Safety Office

Standardised format for department safety management/safety statement


This document contains Sections 1 - 17 of the department safety statement and should be read in conjunction with Documents Nos. 2,3 & 4. This document sets out the department's/centre's/unit's proactive safety management system, which is intended to secure the safety, health & welfare of staff and students whilst ensuring compliance with current and developing health and safety legislation.

This document sets out safety responsibilities for all departmental personnel, together with arrangements for safety monitoring, safety consultation, training, first aid and up-keep of the safety statement.


This document contains Section 18 of the departmental safety statement, and should be read in conjunction with Document No. 3, the departmental hazard identification and risk assessment (D.H.R.A.).

This document summarises the individual hazards and risks that may be found within the department and those associated with the activities of the department. This document also indicates the requirements to eliminate or control the hazards and risks.


This document contains Section 19 of the department safety statement, and should be read in conjunction with Document No. 2, the departmental requirements for the control of hazards and risks (D.C.H.R.).

This document outlines terminology and risk assessment methodology used to control and monitor hazards for all of the department's activities, rooms, equipment, processes, work undertaken and substances/agents used.

Specimen checklists are also provided in relation to specific regulations/ specific headings to enable hazards/ safety issues to be identified. Once identified , risk levels may require to be assessed and appropriate arrangements and controls identified. This information together with a programme of implementation will form the basis for the department's safety action plan (D.S.A.P.) in Document No.4.


This document contains Section 20 of the department safety statement, detailing a prioritised phased programme of actions the departmental safety action plan (D.S.A.P.), to implementing the arrangements and controls necessary to reduce hazards/risks identified in Document No. 3. It should also be read in conjunction of Document 2, under the relevant sections.

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