IT Policies

The IT Systems Policies and Procedures contained in these web pages are the most current and supersede all other versions.


DocumentPurpose of DocumentStatusApproval Date
Acceptable Usage Policy (383kB) This document is designed to help the UCC community to understand their responsibilities when utilising, accessing or creating content with UCC’s IT resources or networked services. It clarifies and defines (within reason) what the Universities deems as an acceptable use of these resources approved 10/01/2013
Access to IT Services (367kB) This procedure explains which staff members are entitled to IT services approved  
Access to Staff Accounts (399kB) Procedure Relating to Access by or Disclosure to a Third Party of Information in a Staff Member's Files or Email Account approved 07/05/2004
Access to Student Accounts (460kB) Procedure Relating to Access by or Disclosure to a Third Party of Information in a Student's Files or Email Account approved 07/05/2004
Bulk Email Standards (170kB) The purpose of this document is to provide the UCC community with information and guidelines regarding the sending of bulk email messages to lists such as the All Exchange Users email. approved 01/07/2013
Connecting Equipment UCC Standard (261kB) This document explains some of the conditions relating to the connection of additional equipment to the UCC networks and the display of UCC information. approved  
Cookie Statement  UCC's cookie statement approved   01/02/2016
Copyright Guidelines (189kB) Guidelines for computer users regarding the copyright of electronic information approved  
Data Backup and Restore using Windows 7 (941kB) Guidelines for computer users regarding how to backup and restore their computers data.    
Data Classification Procedure (733kB) This procedure explains how all data in University College Cork is classified and an owner for all data sets is defined approved  
Data Management Policy (217kB) This Policy is designed to help the UCC community understand their responsibilities with regards to the protection of electronic data, including personal data. In particular electronic data and information belonging to, or held by, University College Cork.  approved 10/01/2013
Data Protection Policy   approved  
Data Security Breach Management Procedures

Provides a framework for reporting and managing data security breaches affecting personal or sensitive personal data held by the University.

next 14/03/2013
Digital Estate Governance Policy (107kB) The purpose of this document is to ensure that members of the UCC community that carry out work on UCC websites or Social Media profiles are aware of their responsibilities in regards to content creation and University best practice guides.  approved 30/10/2013
Disposal of Devices Guidelines (227kB) Information for the UCC community regarding the sae disposal of devices that may contain confidential information approved  
Encryption Guidelines (244kB) Information for the University community regarding the protection of stored electronic information and information in transit approved  
Externally Hosted Personal Data Policy (91kB)

The purpose of this policy is to inform the UCC community on how to ensure the safekeeping of UCC personal data when it is hosted externally. It also outlines UCCs obligations under the Data Protection Acts. Further information can be found on the IT Services webpage. This page details how to arrange to have data hosted externally.

Related Documentation

approved 14/02/2014
Guidelines for Email Users (Spam) (77kB)   approved  
Incident Handling (420kB) This procedure explains to user how a breach of IT policy is dealt with and escalated approved  
Irish Law and AUP (178kB) Links relating to Irish Law and the Universities Acceptable Use Policy approved  
IT Policy Breach Procedure (391kB)   Pending Academic Council Approval  
IT Security Policy (133kB) The objective of this security policy is to promote a culture that helps maximise the value of information through its efficient management and secure protection as well as safeguarding the University and the rights of staff, students and other parties who depend on the information or to whom it relates.  approved 19/04/2011
Network Points Standard (131kB)   approved  
Password Standard   to be completed  
Portable Devices Guidelines (273kB) Information for university staff regarding the use of portable devices such as USB drives, phones and other portable devices approved  
Privacy Policy Relates to the privacy practices of University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork (“the University”) in connection with the University’s websites. approved 01/02/2016
Requesting Additional Network Points (238kB) This document outlines the policies and standards relating to the development of the network.It also details the procedure for requesting additional network points. approved 10/01/2013
Smartphone Guidelines (233kB) Guidelines for smartphone users in the university community regarding their use and the user's responsibilities under the university's IT security policy, data policy and AUP approved  
Social Media Notice and Takedown (406kB) This procedure explains how the University will remove content deemed unacceptable by the University from its websites and social media accounts  approved 17/05/2013
Social Media Official Accounts (442kB) The purpose of the document is to information a member of the UCC community on how to establish and use an official university social media account. approved 27/05/2013
Social Media Other Accounts (417kB) This procedure outlines the steps required in order to establish and use a UCC organisational unit social media account. approved 17/05/2013
Social Media Policy (600kB) The purpose of the document is to inform members of the UCC community on how to establish and use an official university social media account.  approved 27/05/2013
Software Licenses Guidelines (227kB) Guidelines for the University community regarding the licensing of software on their PC's and Laptops approved  
Structured Cabling System Standard (294kB) The purpose of this document is to assist building refurbishment and planning  approved  
UCC IT Document Framework (734kB) This document provides a clear overview for the UCC Community on how each IT policy interacts, the differences between policies, standards and guidelines, the template for these documents, the roles of various stakeholders, the approval process for these documents and final the Hierachy of compliance. approved 04/12/2012

This guide is designed to help policy developers at UCC with the process of researching, writing, and maintaining their policies. It also explains the review and approval process for campus wide administrative policies. This guide should be used as a resource by anyone who develops or updates campus wise administrative policies for their unit. 

approved 04/12/2012
UCC Staff Joiner Leaver (414kB)

A procedure on how to get a staff account in UCC and how it is removed    

Pending Academic Council Approval  
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