Dr Gerardene Murphy-Meade

Pharmacological and pathophysiological aspects of cardiovascular biology


Dr Gerardene Meade - Murphy 

Cardiovascular disease represents the leading cause of mortality globally. Chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease can be characterized by a lag time from its onset in childhood and adolescence to its clinical manifestation in later life. This provides a window of opportunity for implementation of intervention strategies to reduce disease burden.


Dr. Meade-Murphy has a research background studying platelet function and their role in thrombosis, CVD and in cancer. Her current research interest focuses on the role of lifestyle strategies (lifestyle medicine) and pharmacology in reducing CVD risk and disease burden. For instance, adaptive lifestyle medicine and pharmacological treatment of CVD may modulate the heterogeneous profile and function of circulating platelets (through megakaryocytopoiesis and thrombopoiesis) and the level of thrombotic risk. Controlled regular physical activity and consumption of functional foods, such as micro-nutrients (e.g. magnesium) may also exert protective effects against cardiovascular diseases, in part due to altered phenotype and function of platelets and vascular cells. The impact of lifestyle medicine and the traditional pharmacotherapeutic approaches on cell, molecular and physiological changes may facilitate optimisation of treatment regimens to minimise thrombotic and CVD risk.

Dr. Meade-Murphy welcome enquires from students interested in discussing MSc or PhD opportunities and post-doctoral researchers wishing to join the research group. If you would like to discuss such possibilities and your research interests, please contact me on Gerardene.meademurphy@ucc.ie

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