Conflict of Interest Policy

University staff have diverse interests and contacts within the local, national and international community. These links between people engaged in UCC activity and outside bodies are often in the public interest as well as beneficial to the University and to individuals. However, some potential conflicts of interest may arise from time to time. 

The University appreciates that generally Staff will recognise conflicts of interest and will want to ensure that there can be no perception of wrongdoing and that they are personally above reproach. Not managing a conflict of interest properly can result in a decision being made or being seen to be made in the interest of the individual or someone close to them rather than in the interests of the University.  In the vast majority of cases simple disclosure of a potentially conflicting external activity will result in the matter being handled straightforwardly.

The Conflict of Interest policy has been developed to assist staff in recognising and managing any potential conflicts of interest that may arise. This guide provides a summary of the key messages in the conflict of interest policy.  It is not intended to be used as a substitute for the policy. 

The most important message in this document is that University staff should always disclose an activity if they are in doubt about whether it represents a conflict of Interest.

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