Frequently asked Questions

I’m in 5th Year, can I sit the HPAT this year?

No, you are not eligible to sit HPAT - Ireland unless you have already completed your leaving certificate or are completing it in 2015.

Which Irish universities require the HPAT for admission to Medicine?

The following universities all require the HPAT test: National University of Ireland, Galway, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
, Dublin, Trinity College Dublin
, University College Cork
, University College Dublin.

Where can I sit HPAT - Ireland?

Test centres are usually located in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Waterford and Sligo. As capacity in some test centres may be limited, places in those venues will be allocated on a first-come basis. It is important therefore that candidates register early to ensure they are able to get their choice of test location.

How much does the HPAT cost?

Registration for HPAT-Ireland is available online only. The fee to sit HPAT - Ireland 2018 is €135. Further information is available from the HPAT website

What is the HPAT closing date?

You need to register before 5.15pm GMT on 4 February 2015. Registration opens in early November and it is advisable to register early so that you get the test centre of your choice.

Does registering for HPAT - Ireland mean I've applied for a place in medical school?

No, you need to submit an application to the CAO in the usual manner. To contact the CAO go to

Can I sit the HPAT more than once?

Yes, you may sit HPAT-Ireland as many times as you wish, as long as you are a bona fide applicant each time. However, HPAT results are valid for 1 year only (HPAT has to be taken on the year of entry to university).

Does UCC medical school offer electives abroad?

UCC arranges a wide range of foreign elective opportunities including an ERASMUS elective in Lille, France during Third Year and the Surgeon Noonan elective in Africa before Final year. Electives are also offered in top medical institutions around the world.

I’m interested in medical research – how early can I do research in UCC?

UCC is Ireland’s leading research institution and a great place to study Medicine if you are interested in research. From first year, you can choose a research-based elective module. Research methods are taught to all students as core curriculum and in fourth year, you will begin a research project which is completed and presented in Final Year. There are bursaries available for summer research projects and for travel to national and international conferences to present research projects.

How early in the programme will I meet patients?

As early as your second year in the medical programme at UCC, you will meet patients in the Family Attachment Scheme in General Practice. From Year 3 on, most of the teaching is delivered in hospitals or family practices, supported by structured lectures and simulation training in Brookfield Health Sciences Complex.

What student support services are available in UCC?

In UCC, there is a strong peer support network where students from other years in the programme will help and advise you on study, books, etc. The medical school has a dedicated Student Welfare Service which can refer to the Student Health Centre or counselling services.

If I study medicine in UCC, where can I do my intern year?

You can apply to do your intern year (first year post-qualification) in any of the Intern Training Networks in Ireland, but can also apply to other countries in the EU and the UK (2 year UK Foundation Programme).

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