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Do I Need Help?

Do I Need Help?

Asking the question “Do I need help?” if often a sign that you do. There is a lot you can do to your help yourself, and sometimes you just need resources like this website to help you get started, sometimes you need much more.
While some of our emotional responses, may be a ‘normal reaction’ to an ‘abnormal situation’, it would be important to seek professional support in the following situations:

  • you have started to have suicidal thoughts – this is a crisis and you need immediate support. Visit our Crisis Contacts page now. 
  • if you are having one or more possible emotional responses for two weeks or more
  • you have an existing mental health issue that needs follow-up
  • you want help and online supports are not enough
  • nothing you have tried seems to help
  • you are using alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gaming, pornography or gambling to manage your feelings
  • your sleep has not got back to normal
  • you have been having suicidal thoughts

It is important to remember that even with professional help, you will also benefit from using the recommendations here and indeed are likely to be given similar advice from a professional, in addition to the support and treatment they offer. It is important to do what you can to aid your own recovery, but also to recognise that everyone needs help from time to time and not being able to feel better on your own is by no means your fault. So get started on taking one step from these pages if you have looked for help and are waiting to get an appointment or it hasn’t started to help yet! These things take time.

Mental Health Supports

Self-Care Tips from UCC LifeMatters and NSRF

Taking care of our Mental Health and Wellbeing does not run in isolation. We need to take a holistic approach to our overall wellbeing.  Start with your body and then work on your mind and behaviour.

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