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When we are in survival mode (fight or flight), energy is diverted from our brain, to our muscles, narrowing our attention, making it harder to think clearly, creatively and with perspective (Cottrell, 2019). 

Symptoms of Stress

Physical Responses 

  • Mind is racing, finding it difficult to think clearly or concentrate  
  • Intrusive worrying or ruminating  
  • Can’t shut your brain off, especially at night  
  • Knots in stomach, resulting in low appetite  
  • Tension in certain muscle groups.  
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Pervasive low mood 

Unhelpful Behavioural Responses

  • Over or undereating  
  • Procrastinating work related tasks  
  • Overworking to keep up with workload  
  • Sacrificing basic needs: Eating well, hygiene, sleep.  
  • Having no worklife balance scheduled e.g. time with friends, days off.   
  • Using substances to relax.

Keep Well

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