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Mindfulness Workshop 12-1pm Every Mon - Thurs Online

Join Maura O'Neill, UCC's Student Wellbeing Coordinator for a mindfulness workshop every mon-thurs from 12-1pm. The workshop will take place via Zoom. Just select the Join session link to join a session. 


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Morning Yoga 9-10am Every Tues & Thurs Online

Join Kathryn Sheehan for UCC's morning yoga. Yoga is an ancient system of connecting body, mind and spirit through movement, breath work and meditation. The benefits include improved concentration and focus by becoming acutely aware of your breath and body as it moves. By breathing more efficiently it switches your nervous system into rest therefore effectively tackling stress in the body. With time and practice it can positively improve your posture, the health of your joints and strengthens body, Mind and spirit allowing you to become more present in your daily life. 

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