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Spiritual Wellbeing

Spirtual Wellbeing

We often find we are uncomfortable with change and resistant to the unfamiliar: and here we are living in a time of great unfamiliarity and uncertainty, giving rise to feelings of loss, fear, confusion, - and just being fed-up. Things will change again, but in the meantime how do we meet the challenge?

We have many resources within ourselves, and we can use this time to turn to them. Rather than just filling the void caused by the unfamiliar with distraction, we can take the time to pause, reflect and examine what and where our priorities lie. Who are the people and relationships that really mean something to us and which nourish us as people?

For some, spiritual exercises, such as prayer, meditation, and journaling can help us find the headspace to reflect on who we really are - separate from our studies, social status and other people’s valuations of us.

Things That Can Help

reading a book

Reading - According to a 2009 study at the University of Sussex, stress is reduced by up to 68% just by reading! Only six minutes of reading can slow down the heart rate and improve overall health! Take time to read; maybe look at one of the Religious Texts or Spiritual Classics, or read a biography of someone you admire to find out what motivates them.

Praying and spending time with God - We are unable to be together in religious gatherings or groups, but we can remember each other in prayer, taking time each day to give thanks and to remember those in need


Letting go of negativity - We cannot control everything in our lives, and we will often fail, and be failed by others. Forgiving ourselves and others leads us to be open to new beginnings and letting go of past hurts


Being open to wonder and delight - Rediscovering a sense of awe and marvel at the world around us. A walk in nature or gazing up at the night sky, can often give us a way of reconnecting to the beauty and wonder around us.


Living in the moment - Take time to be present to ourselves - to lay aside that which has gone, to set apart the future and its concerns, and focus on where we are in the present moment, and focus on gratitude for what we have been given “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift...That is why it is called the present” ― Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda


Being listened to - It often helps simply to speak about what is really important to us. Being listened to in a non-judgemental way often helps us to straighten out things in our own hearts and minds. You could talk to someone in the Chaplaincy [contact us through]. or speak with your local religious leader, pastor, or a trusted friend.



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