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Social wellbeing

A lot of people are experiencing a disconnect from their social circles. Some people are experiencing physical isolation. You may be living on your own or you may be isolating in your own space in a shared house. And we are all practicing social distancing, meaning we can't be in physical proximity of our friends and loved ones. 

The physical disconnect can be tough. So it is important to maintain relationships, even if this is done virtually. 

Stay Connected

Staying connected with others socially is very important in maintaining your overall wellbeing. 

  • Friends and family can be a good source of support
  • Talking to others is a great way to reduce worry and anxiety

Connect with your friends, family and classmates over shared interests, jokes, entertainment, or other healthy distractions to avoid discussing only the latest news. But don't get caught up in trying to stay completely up to date with them. Prioritise quality time over quantity of interaction. 

Pets can also be another way to stay connected (though if you do contract COVID 19, it is recommended that you restrict contact with pets in the same way you would restrict contact with humans until the risks of transmission between humans and animals are better understood). 

Set some time aside every day for social connection as part of your daily schedule [link to daily schedule planner]

Tools for Staying Connected

When it comes to staying connected with family, friends and loved ones in a time of uncertainty and social distancing, we are fortunate to have access to many free tools and apps that allow us to do so. 

Keep Well

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