IT Launch New Look Website

IT Services have launched a new look website at Our site has been give fresh new look with the aim of helping staff find the IT information they need easily and quickly. 

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01 Jun 2022

As part of this refresh, we are moving content off our website and over to SharePoint.  The information we are moving to SharePoint is for the UCC audience only and is an effort to keep the information we own and share more secure.  By using SharePoint, information is only accessible to people with a UCC account and therefore removing the potential threat to our data.  We have created 2 new SharePoint sites for IT Security and our newly launched Digital Advisory Centre (DAC) and we will continue to move content over to SharePoint which will all be accessible through our website

If you are a UCC staff member and need advice on moving content over to SharePoint then please contact our Digital Advisory Centre through their SharePoint site.

Think Before You Click

We have also launched our Think Before You Click campaign, where we share information to help all UCC staff work safely online. You can read about our IT Security advice on our SharePoint Site and watch our video below.


Our Think Before You Click video can be viewed by UCC staff only.

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