Learning Disrupted

Young people with disabilities' access to and experience of learning & workplace-based training during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a profound restructuring of people’s lives and social worlds. People with disabilities have faced significant restrictions in their access to services and supports, with consequences for social networks and participation in society, including opportunities to access training and employment services as a route to inclusion.

Project Aims 

In partnership with the National Learning Network, Learning Disrupted will explore how the pandemic has affected people with disabilities’ (aged 18-25) access to and experience of, skills training and work placements. It will explore the potential of alternative learning experiences (e.g. remote work placements) as a response to these challenges.

Project Outputs

Edwards, C. and Harold, G. (2022) ‘Learning lessons from COVID-19: Exploring the potential of remote learning and working for young people with disabilities’ The AHEAD Journal https://ahead.ie/journal/Learning-lessons-from-COVID19-Exploring-the-potential-of-remote-learning-and-working-for-young-people-with-disabilities  

Edwards, C. and Harold, G. (2022) Learning disrupted? Reconfiguring the socio-spatial dynamics of learning spaces for young disabled people during pandemic times. [Oral Presentation], International Medical Geography Symposium 2022, Edinburgh, 19-JUN-22 - 24-JUN-22 

Edwards, C. and Harold, G. (2022) Learning Disrupted: Young People with Disabilities’ Access to and Experiences of Learning and Workplace-based Training during COVID-19. Cork: University College Cork.

An EasyRead version of the report is available at: Learning Disrupted Easy Read Summary

The report was launched on 2 September 2022, details available here. A recording of the presentations is available here

Project Funding and Dates:

Funded by the Irish Research Council New Foundations Programme, this project runs from April 2021 - April 2022.

Project team

Dr. Claire Edwards (PI), School of Applied Social Studies & Director of ISS21 (claire.edwards@ucc.ie)

Dr Gill Harold, School of Applied Social Studies & ISS21 (g.harold@ucc.ie)





Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21)

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