Alumni News: Portable Med Tech partner with pharma giant, MSD.

15 Jul 2019
Rita Saadeh, MSD’s business unit director, Lebanon; Mauricio Campos Suarez, MSD’s head of IT and digital innovation, EEMEA; Portable Medical Technology chief executive Eoin O’Carroll; and Janine Shahwan, MSD’s digital and innovation lead, Levant.(Credit: The Irish Times)

IGNITE Alumni Eoin O'Carroll and brothers Kevin Bambury and Richard Bambury, founders of Portable Medical Technology's ONCOassist partner with pharma giant MSD. The opportunity comes after the company won the MSD Innovation Factory competition in Beirut earlier this year.

ONCOassist is a CE-approved app that includes a suite of decision support tools for oncology specialists. Created in 2012, ONCOassist is the go-to app for many oncology professionals. It gives them comfort that they can access relevant, up to date tools and content at their fingertips. It is the only mobile first platform that saves time and improves the quality of patient care for frustrated and under pressure oncology HCP's. 

Upon winning the MSD Innovation Factory competition, in addition to a $20,000 (€17,770) cash prize, the company was invited to work with MSD to tweak its ONCOassist app for use by health professionals in Lebanon. With further plans to expand to the Middle East and Africa.

MSD said the new partnership would allow it to offer healthcare professionals “a best-in-class, unbiased oncology platform to help patient get the benefits of the latest scientific news”

To learn more about the ONCOassist app, please click here.

Eoin and Kevin joined the IGNITE programme in 2012 and Eoin O’Carroll, CEO quotes “IGNITE proved to be an excellent programme for our start-up company, providing access to an extensive network of mentors and advisors who have helped us develop our business”.





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