Allmin Resources Ireland Ltd - Alpa Agrawal

IGNITE Alumni - Alpa Agrawal Allmin Resources Logo

Allmin Resources Ireland Ltd is a chemical product development company that provides modified inorganic magnesium related products for different applications to wholesalers and retailers markets worldwide.

Alpa completed a B.Tech Chemical Engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai, India and an MSc (Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship) at University College Cork in 2014.

Altitude Analytics - Tomás Kelly

IGNITE Alumni Tomas Kelly Logo Altitude Analytics

Altitude Analytics builds location analytics solutions for businesses combining geographical information systems (GIS), data analytics and machine learning technologies to support business decision making.

Tomás holds an MPhil (Geography), MA (European Studies) and BA (Mathematics and Geography) from University College Cork.

AnaBio Technologies Ltd - Dr Sinéad (Doherty) Bleiel

Logo AnaBio

AnaBio Technologies Ltd provides micro-encapsulation expertise and contract manufacturing solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and animal health sectors. The company’s core technologies are patented for the stabilisation, protection and targeted release of sensitive ingredients.

Sinéad holds a BSc in Food Science from the University College Dublin, an MSc in Protein Chemistry from Michigan State University, USA and a PhD in Microencapsulation from University College Cork, Ireland.

ApisProtect Ltd - Dr Fiona Edwards-Murphy

Logo ApisProtect

ApisProtect Ltd uses unique, innovative technology to help beekeepers prevent losses and increase productivity in their hives.

Fiona holds a BE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) from University College Cork. Her PhD research focused on applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (IoT) for honey bee health with Embedded Systems group in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the School of Biological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences (BEES) at University College Cork.

Ballzey - Kevin Buckley

Logo Ballzey

Ballzey is a sports quiz app that offers sports fans the unique experience to interact and engage with live sports on a mobile device. The platform allows brands to engage, interact with and reward sports fans.

Kevin holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and Economics from Dublin City University.

Bitcove - James and Peter Nagle

LinkedInLinkedIn Logo Bitcove

James and Peter Nagle have been on the fore of cryptocurrency developments in Ireland. Their website,, is a trading platform for Bitcoin.

James holds a BSc (Computer Science) from University College Cork and Peter holds a BCL and an MBS (Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems) both from University College Cork.

CulturePro - Dr Marie-Therese Shortt

Logo CulturePro

CulturePro is an online intercultural learning platform designed to improve employee communications, productivity and profit in multinational companies and teams.

Marie-Therese holds a PhD from the University for the Creative Arts/University of Brighton.

EuroComply - Emerald de Leeuw

Logo Eurocomply

EuroComply helps organisations to understand and implement procedures to ensure compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Founder, Emerald de Leeuw developed the idea behind EuroComply when she completed a Master of Laws (LL.M) specialising in E-Law and Intellectual Property Law in University College Cork in 2013. She had previously completed a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from the Universiteit van Tilburg in the Netherlands in 2012.

Extensicon/PrimoComm - Dr Eileen Weadick

Logo Primo Comm

PrimoComm (formally Extensicon) is an education company offering innovative online Competency Based Education (CBE) programmes in technical communications. These pioneering, CBE courses allow anyone from large multinational technology-based companies to individuals around the world online access to a suite of valuable education programmes.

Eileen holds a BSc (Physics), MSc (Physics) and a PhD in Molecular Spectroscopy from University College Dublin.

Fixed Point Code - Sean Kelleher

Logo Fixed Point Code

Fixed Code is a software consultancy that provides solutions for reducing downtime and increasing responsiveness in web services.

Sean holds a BSc (Computer Science) from UCC.

Lacidem - Kaushik Shanmugam

Logo Lacidem

Lacidem is a technology company that provides wearable solutions to enable hospitals to remotely monitor cardiac patients to improve post-treatment care.

Kaushik came up with the idea when he lost a friend who suffered a heart attack.

He completed a BTech (Information Technology) at SRM University, India and an MSc (Computer Science) at University College Cork.


LegitFit - Ryan O'Neill and Ian O'Sullivan


Legit Fit was founded on the basis of one key ambition, to create a greater experience for both professionals and enthusiasts of the Health, Fitness & Wellness Industry

The business was developed on the basis of the founders' experience of the fitness industry, both as personal trainers and as consumers.

Ryan and Ian joined IGNITE in 2018. 

Lovato Candles - Jason Hamilton-Foott


Lovato Candles is a luxury collection of Irish- made candles and other scented products that boast a contemporary, sophisticated design.

The range is inspired by the beauty of nature of West-Cork and Jason's love of travel. 

Jason joined IGNITE in 2018 as an associate when completing the work placement element of his BComm. 

OnTheQT - Stephanie Lynch

Logo OntheQT is an innovative multimedia content company that showcases and promotes off the beaten track locations in Ireland and abroad.

Stephanie came up with the idea during a summer spent working in Cape Cod, USA, where she met great friends who showed her the hidden gems known only to the locals. She returned to Ireland determined to ensure that visitors here don’t miss out on Ireland’s hidden gems.

Stephanie completed a BA (TV, Radio & New Media Broadcasting) at the Institute of Technology Tralee in 2012.

ParadeRing - Padraig O’Sullivan

Logo Parade Ring

ParadeRing is an online thoroughbred catalogue for buying and selling horses. The business provides small to medium sized breeders and trainers a platform to sell their horses in a more cost effective and time efficient manner.

Padraig completed a BSc (Business Information Systems) in 2009 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics of Business Practice at University College Cork in 2010.

Perkforce - Albert Williams



Perkforce empowers employers to attract and retain their workforce in a highly competitive recruitment market. 

Perkforce provides a simple and effective benefits and perks management platform which increases employee engagement and wellness, while contributing to a positive company culture. 

Albert completed an MSc in Cloud Computing at Cork Instiute of Technology in 2018 following a 25 year career in IT.

Portable Medical Technology Ltd - Kevin Bambury & Eoin O’Carroll


Logo Portable Medical 

Portable Medical Technologies Ltd develops smartphone apps for specialist medical applications. The apps help to reduce medical errors, improve efficiencies and patient communication in clinical settings.

The business was founded by Kevin Bambury and Eoin O’Carroll in 2011. The first product, ONCOAssist, a CE approved decision support application for oncology professionals, evolved from a project they completed as part of their MBS (E-Business).

Kevin had previously completed a BA (English & Geography) a University College Cork in 2005 while Eoin completed a BE (Civil) at the National University of Ireland Galway in 2006.

Punditarena - Ross O’Dwyer & Richard Barrett


Logo Pundit Arena

Pundit Arena is an online sports media platform that enables sports enthusiasts to publish features and opinion pieces. Pundit Arena empowers people to become paid sports journalists by monetising their content on the company’s interactive social platform.

Co-founders Ross O’Dwyer completed a BComm at University College Cork in 2013 and Richard Barrett completed a BEd (Sports Studies and Physical Education) at University College Cork in 2012.

QuickMinutes - Danny O’Donovan

Logo Quick Minutes

QuickMinutes provides a comprehensive committee management platform for large public and private sector organisations. Danny initially identified the need for a project management platform when he was President of the Students’ Union at Cork Institute Of Technology. QuickMinutes, with a specific focus on committee management, was developed from this original idea.

Danny O’Donovan holds a BBus from Cork Institute Of Technology.

Shopless - Niamh Parker



Shopless is a multi-store Personal Shopping Platform for fashion, beauty and artisan foods. Shopless recommends products that match customer preferences and delivers within three hours to time-poor professionals.

Shopless's Data as a Service product provides real-time data capture at the point of sale to provide retailers with richer and deeper qualitative data during each transaction. 

Niamh Parker holds a Masters in European and Comparative Law (LLM), European Law.

Sigma Nutrition - Danny Lennon

Logo SIGMA Nutrition

Sigma Nutrition is an online resource centre that provides coaches and advanced trainees/athletes with cutting-edge nutrition information. Clients have access to quality content, a screening tool to identify client needs, personalised nutrition plans, a Q&A forum and private consultancy sessions.

Danny has a BSc (Biological & Physical Sciences) from the University of Limerick and an MSc (Nutritional Sciences) from University College Cork.

Signifence - John Cal Kelleher



Signifence is an internet of things based electric fence management system that allows farmers to monitor and control electric fences from a smartphone. 

Frequent shocks and search and rescue operations at dawn led to John Cal Kelleher's idea for Signifence. 

John completed a BSc Physics and Maths at UCC in 2017. - Mike McGrath

Logo Supply ie

Mike McGrath founded in 2011 to link SMEs with local providers of general office supplies at competitive prices. At the core of the business is an online platform that allows SMEs to request quotes and suppliers to make offers.

Mike has subsequently gone on to launch a procurement consultancy business, AVRO Cost Management.

Mike completed an MBS (E-commerce) at the National University of Ireland Galway in 2007 and a BBS at the University of Limerick in 2005.

Talivest - Jayne Ronayne

UrYearBook is a website that helps students compile graduation yearbooks that was co-founded by Jayne Ronayne and Dave Murray in 2012. 

Jayne Ronayne subsequently went on to co-found KonnectAgain with Helen O’Flynn. KonnectAgain is a secure and intuitive cloud-based platform designed to allow large organisations to leverage human capital for recruitment, referrals, business development, industry insights & brand ambassadorship. The business was later repositioned and rebranded Talivest.

Jayne completed a BSc (Government) in 2012.

T4 Adventure - Jennifer Hurley


T4Adventure is a delicious range of lightweight, quick-cooking breakfasts, entrees and snack that nourish, satiate and reward high performers eating outside. Their freeze-dried provisions are packed in a biodegradeable pouch so anyone can Eat Well. Pack Light. Leave No Trace. 

While backpacking around Ireland, Jenn identified a lack of high qualilty food options that met her needs. After further research, she identified a market opportunity. 

Jenn holds a Diploma in Speciality Food Production from UCC. 

The Rugged Man - Alan Thomas

Logo Rugged Man

The Rugged Man creates high-quality beard care products for bearded gentlemen. Founded in 2015 by Alan Thomas, the idea for the business emanated from a friend’s frustration in sourcing natural products to maintain his beard.

Alan has gone on to co-found Leadkick a social media digital marketing consultancy.

Alan completed a BComm at University College Cork in 2014 and a Masters in Marketing in 2015.

TrustAp - Conor Lyden

Logo trustap

TrustAp is a platform that eliminates the risk of scams and fraud occurring in peer to peer transactions. The platform holds payments in escrow until goods have been received and validated.

Conor holds a BE (Civil, Structural and Environmental Eng) from University College Cork.

Uniwink - Sarah Dineen

Logos UniWink Amplify is a social media platform that allows third level students to share lecture notes and course material, swap items and skills, seek jobs, share news and access deals.

Founder Sarah Dineen subsequently went on to found the Amplify Digital Marketing Conference and digital media agency SocialQue.

Sarah completed a BComm at University College Cork in 2013.

Vconnecta - Brendan Finucane

Logo Vconnecta

Vconnecta is a mobile and cloud-based community engagement platform that provides real-time insights generated from data collected in the field. This helps businesses, organisations and community activists connect with, hear and respond to local communities.

Vconnecta was founded by Brendan Finucane in 2013 and evolved from Brendan’s final year project completed as part of his BSc (Business Information Systems) at University College Cork.

ZAZSI - Steven Merrick & Paul Davidson

Logo Zazsi

ZAZSI is an online platform that seamlessly integrates customers, online retailers and product influencers.

The idea stems from initial ideas developed when they both completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (Interactive Media) at University College Cork in 2015.


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