I'm not a graduate from UCC, can I access the IGNITE supports?

Yes, IGNITE, START-UP LAB and START-UP ADVICE CLINICS are open to students, graduates from any third level institution in Ireland.

How can I organise a meeting with the IGNITE Team?

Register your interest HERE and we'll contact you. 

I have a start-up idea but it's not yet developed? What supports do you offer?

The first step would be to organise a meeting with the IGNITE Team through the START-UP ADVICE CLINICS. Register your interest HERE to organise a meeting.

Who can apply for the IGNITE programme?

IGNITE is open to recent graduates with an Ordinary Bachelor Degree, Honours Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree, Doctoral Degree, Higher Diploma or Post-Doctoral Diploma (NFQ Level 7, 8, 9 or 10 qualification) in any discipline from any 3rd level institution.

I want to apply for the IGNITE programme, what is meant by ‘recent graduate’?

It is expected that most applicants will graduate in the year in which they begin the flagship programme, IGNITE. In certain cases, applicants may have graduated in the immediately previous years and either a) continued in postdoctoral research, b) started developing the business on a full-time or part-time basis or c) engaged in relevant work experience.

What commitment is expected for the IGNITE programme?

In order to maximise the benefit from the programme, participants must work full time on their business for the duration of the programme. Participants will present at least three progress updates to an external review panel over the course of the programme. It is strongly recommended that participants base themselves in the IGNITE Graduate Business Innovation Centre offices in the Western Gateway Building, University College Cork.

How long is the IGNITE programme? 

The programme duration can be 12 months or can be adapted to the needs of your business. 

Do I get desk space during the IGNITE programme?

Yes, for the duration of the programme, you will have access to a shared office space with other IGNITE particpants. 


Clár Gnó Iarchéime IGNITE

Western Gateway Building, University College Cork