Irish Research Council funding award for research into literature and environmental crisis

16 Apr 2021

Prof. Caitríona Ní Dhúill has been awarded an Irish Research Council New Foundations award to support research on the potential of literature to foster enhanced awareness of environmental crisis. 

The research project, 'Speaking the Predicament: Words and Stories for the Anthropocene', will collaborate with Friends of the Earth Ireland in a series of reading groups, film screenings and public talks focussing on the cultural, social and ethical implications of the Anthropocene - the proposed name for the current geological epoch, in which human activity is altering earth systems. Prof. Ní Dhúill, together with Dr Hanna Bingel-Jones (Department of German), will work with Friends of the Earth Ireland to explore the roles language, literature and shared reading can play in empowering thought, dialogue and action on environmental challenges.

Department of German


First Floor, O' Rahilly Building, UCC