Data Protection Notices

What is a Data Protection Notice?

A Data Protection Notice is often referred to as a Privacy Notice or a Privacy Policy and it is simply a statement by which an organisation such as University College Cork describes how it intends to process personal data about individuals

When acquiring personal data, certain information must be provided by the individuals whose data is being collected in order to meet the GDPR Transparency Principle and the Right of Notification

University College Cork has a number of Data Protection Notices to provide information to students, staff and others regarding the processing of their personal data.  Links to these are set out below:

Student Data Protection Notice

Staff Data Protection Notice

Alumni Data Protection Notice

Information for UCC Staff: Data Protection Notice Procedure & Template

If you need a Data Protection Notice for a different purpose than those listed above, read the following guidance and customise the generic Data Protection Notice template:

It is important to note that the template should only be used when data processing activities are not covered by one of the general notices above.  Please check the general notices carefully before creating a separate notice

If the data processing activities are covered by the general notices, provide a link to them when communicating with individuals about how their data will be processed.  If they are not covered, create a new Notice using the template provided.  Your Notice should describe how personal data is used in your area and should be tailored to provide useful information to individuals in a clear and transparent manner.  If you require advice on Data Protection Notices, please contact the Information Compliance team by email at



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