Culture Night September 19th 2019 - ‘Milk: the most ancient processed food’

18 Sep 2019
Interactive Culture Night Talk- 2019

Food has been an integral part of human society and culture for millennia, but cultures of another kind have long been key to production of many much-loved products.

Cheese, butter and yoghurt have evolved in various ways around the globe – whether Italian Mozzarella, Greek Feta or French Gruyère – and the traditional art of producing these well-loved products is now enhanced by deep scientific understanding of their production.


As part of Cork’s Culture Night, the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences will host an interactive talk from 6.00pm – 7.15pm in the Geography Lecture Theatre UCC, on ‘Milk: the most ancient processed food’.


The talk will be given by Professor Alan Kelly and is based on his recent book ‘Molecules, Microbes and Meals: the Surprising Science of Food’ (Oxford University Press, 2019).  


Participants will get hands-on experience of making dairy products such as butter and cheese, while exploring their scientific basis, and debating and challenging concepts around what the processing of food really means today.


This talk will be of interest to anyone keen to find out how the food that we eat every day is made.


Children and adults are welcome and we would be delighted if you can join us on Culture Night - Friday 20th September

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Room 240 Food Science Building, University College, Cork