The Irish Society of Dentistry for Children Annual Scientific Meeting

8 Jul 2019

The theme of the meeting was 'Trauma - What's new and what should I do?' Cork Univeristy Dental School and Hospital (CUDSH) was well represented in the O'Mullane Priace by 4th year students, Lauren Chandler, Rosie Donnellan, Brigitte, Hudy-Yuffa & Rachel O'Donoughue and by Paediatric Senior House Office Dr Cal McCarthy. 

Our students presented a comprehensive evidence-based appraisal of the efficacy of Silver Diamine Fluoride compared to conventional restorative techniques for management of caries in the primary dentition.  Dr McCarthy's presentation outlined the combined use of micro-abrasion and infiltration with a low viscosity resin to improve the appearance of white opacities on incisors. The Society was joined by a group of internationally renowned expers in the field, Professor Helen Rodd, from the University of Sheffield, Dr Kate Kenny, from the University of Leeds and Dr Eva Lauridsen from the Resource Centre for Rare Oral Diseases in Copehagen. 

The Society was also honoured to be joined on the day by Professors Denis O'Mullane and Tim Holland, who were both members of the organising committee for the first Society, which was held in CUDSH 48 years ago. Dr Jenny Parry & Dr Siobhan Lucey were also present to fly the flag for CUDSH.

O'Mullane Prize 2019

Abstract: The use of ICON to improve aesthetics of anterior white opacities


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