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Teaching Excellence Awards 2017

University College Cork is committed to excellence in education and theTeaching & Learning Awards Scheme at UCC is the longest-established scheme of its kind in Ireland. This year, for the first time, PFH sponsors the President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching. These awards recognise staff who have made an outstanding contribution in the pursuit of teaching excellence through innovative and creative forms of teaching, learning and assessment. In particular, the purpose of the awards is to encourage work that is designed and carried out to improve student learning and student outcomes, which can include course design and implementation and/or research and enquiry into teaching, learning and assessment. 

Excellence in teaching can be demonstrated in many ways, and there are very many examples of excellent teaching in University College Cork. A variety of criteria are used to assess excellence in teaching including ability to engage students and improve student learning, the use of innovative pedagogies and technologies, research of teaching and assessment approaches and dissemination of good practice in teaching.


Call for nominations for 2016/17 is now closed
Deadline for receipt of full applications is Friday 25th August 2017.


The award scheme is open to all UCC staff who teach or support teaching including academic staff, support staff, administrative staff, research staff, technical staff, postgraduate tutors and demonstrators. Staff may be nominiated for an award through self nomination or nomination by students, peers or alumni. The call for nominations closed on on Friday 26th May 2017. The deadline for receipt of completed applications is Friday 25th August 2017.



T&L Awards Guidelines 2016/17

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The 2015/16 President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching were presented by the President of UCC, Dr Michael Murphy at a ceremony in the Aula Maxima on October 6th 2016. The winners of the awards for Excellence in Teaching were pictured below.

Dr. Brian Bird from the School of Medicine and also a Consultant Oncologist and the Bons Secours Hospital, received an individual award having been nominated by a student for his goal driven and inclusive teaching style. Also from the School of Medicine, Dr Patrick Henn, Dr Irina Korotchikova, Mr Simon Smith and Ms Sinead Riome were the recipients of a Team Award. This team developed opportunities for experiential learning using paediatric simulation based training in the undergraduate medical curriculum for final year students where exposure to emergency paediatrics has traditionally been limited. They incorporated assessment for learning as well as individual, confidential feedback to students. This is the first time that an advanced pedagogical approach has been used in undergraduate paediatric training in Ireland. The third award was made to a team from Applied Social Studies (Dr Kenneth Burns and Dr Ruth Hally) and the Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning (Dr Catherine O’Mahony) for their work on UCC’s first community-based participatory research module (PG6025). This module, which attracted students from a range of disciplines, drew on a decade of experience in Ireland and Europe, to create this unique inter-disciplinary module. Responding to national higher education policy, EU research policy and UCC’s strategic plan the module was created to develop and mentor new researchers attuned to, and educated in, engagement research practice and policy and responsible research and innovation. Staff and students subsequently collaborated on a research poster which won two first place prizes at the 7th Living Knowledge Conference 2016. 


‌‌‌Staff Awards 2016A

Dr Brian Bird, School of Medicine and also a Consultant Oncologist and the Bons Secours Hospital receiving his
Excellence in Teaching & Learning Award, 2016 from the President, Dr Michael Murphy


Staff Awards 2016B

Ms Sinead Riome, Dr Irina Korotchikova and Dr Patrick Henn, School of Medicine receiving their team award for
Excellence in Teaching & Learning 2016 from the President, Dr Michael Murphy


Staff Awards 2016C

 Dr Catherine O'Mahony, Dr Ruth Hally and Dr Kenneth Burns receiving their ream award for
Excellence in Teaching & Learning 2016 from the President, Dr Michael Murphy





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