EU Applicants

EU Non-Irish Information

Applicants from non-Irish EU/EEA/Swiss States should see the information contained in this document relevant to their country's exams. For further information you can contact us here:

EU Non-Irish Entry Requirements 

Here is a quick checklist for you as an EU Non-Irish Applicant: 

1. Make sure you send all documentation directly to the CAO Office in Galway as soon as possible once your application is made.

2. Your documentation should include all relevant school exam results and the most recent transcripts from your school leaving exams.

3. Research your course choices thoroughly.

4. Check your emails continually, in particular in August.

5. When you receive updated results or grade transcripts, send them immediately to the CAO.

6. Do NOT send documentation to UCC, all documents must be sent to the CAO directly.

Your CAO Tips

  1. Stick with your interests - Make sure your list of CAO choices is in order of genuine preference
  2. Know the subjects taught in 1st Year - Research every course that you've applied for
  3. Stay Positive - Most people do better than they think
  4. Make sure your 1st choice is the one you want the most - Are you happy to pursue any programme you applied for?
  5. Double check all the subject requirements!
  6. Check your email address and phone number - They must be correct on your CAO application to receive important information

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