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Course Updates for September 2023

Science Education

UCC’s new BEd Science Education (CK413) degree involves the study of both science and education over a four-year period, after which students will be fully qualified teachers of two STEM subjects.

Note that the old Science Education degree stream option will be removed from Biological and Chemical Sciences (CK402), Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (CK404), Chemical Sciences (CK406), and Physics & Astrophysics (CK408) for first-year applicants from 2023. 

Industrial Physics

Industrial Physics (CK409) will not be offered from 2023 onwards but you may be interested in Physics and Astrophysics (CK408).

Physical Education, Sports Studies and Arts

BEd Sports Studies and Physical Education (CK125) has changed its name to BEd Physical Education, Sports Studies and Arts (CK125).

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