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COVID-19 has thrown everyone for a loop. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment. But we're in this together. And we're here to help you get through this challenging but exciting time. Explore this page and watch some of our videos to help yourself prepare for the coming exams and deal with the challenges of continuing with your application to UCC during a time of global uncertainty. 

Your CAO Tips

  1. Stick with your interests - Make sure your list of CAO choices is in order of genuine preference
  2. Know the subjects taught in 1st Year - Research every course that you've applied for
  3. Stay Positive - Most people do better than they think
  4. Make sure your 1st choice is the one you want the most - Are you happy to pursue any programme you applied for?
  5. Double check all the subject requirements!
  6. Check your email address and phone number - They must be correct on your CAO application to receive important information

Music while you Work - Playlists for Study

To be very honest, not many people actually enjoy studying. We've all been in stuck in the books trying to get that last bit of crucial information to stick. But the hardest thing about it can be the silence, it's just you, the books and your notes. It has been shown that music can really help. Some researchers actively engage their students with music because it alleviates heavy moods and burdens and can focus the mind.

If you want to have a productive and successful study session you must listen to music that is predominantly instrumental. This is encouraged because, during lyrical passages, your brain is trying to remember the lyrics to the song. This is using up memory and brain power that should be used to learn the information in front of you.

UCC has put together a list of the top Spotify playlists to study to:

Studying Tips

Follow these tips to get the most out of your studying:

  • Get Motivated
  • Focus your Attention
  • Start taking effective notes
  • Manage your Time efficiently
  • Develop positive, healthy habits - Create a space for studying, use timetable blocks and take breaks
  • Avoid Procrastination
  • Manage your stress levels
  • Get Productive

Here are a couple of videos that will provide you with more information and guidance on studying effectively:

Preparing for Leaving Cert Exam Day

Drink plenty of water! Hydration powers the mind

Make sure you get all the sleep you need! If you don't recharge, you won't have the energy to take on the exams.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast before each exam. Slow release energy carbohydrates and protein.

Chew some gum and stimulate brain blood flow.

Get an early night and don't cram the night before!

Further Support

If you're looking for further support and help explore these additional pages. 

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