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Your Application to UCC

The CAO application system is open until 1 February which is the closing date for applications. There is a late application date up to 1 May, however, this is not available for all courses or for certain categories of applicant. From May until 1 July you can amend and change your course choices as part of Change of Mind. Given the current circumstances with COVID-19, and the delay to the leaving certificate, these dates may change. 

To help you with your CAO Application and to enable you to make the right degree choice for you we have put together these advice pages. 

Change of Mind

So. Maybe you completed your CAO application sometime in January. And now you're not so sure about your choices. The world is going through a challenging time right now and people's circumstances have changed. So it's okay to have changed your mind or be considering changing your mind about what you chose in your original CAO application. Or you may even wish to defer your place for another year.

Explore your options below to find a new course to study at UCC or discover changes to existing courses that might interest you more now. If you do want to go ahead and change your mind, visit the CAO change your mind pages. If you wish to defer your place visit our defer your place information. If you're not sure about any of this you can also book an online 1-to-1 session to discuss your application with one of our advisors. 

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