Undergraduate students

What does it cost to be an undergraduate student in UCC?


There are three elements to Fees:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Student Contribution Charge
  • Capitation Fee

1. Tuition Fee

Under the Government's Free Fees Initiative, the tuition fees for 2019/20 for certain full-time undergraduate students is paid by the State to UCC.

To be eligible, a student must

  • be a first-time undergraduate student,
  • be of EU nationality or have official refugee status,
  • have been resident in an EU member state for at least three years before their entry to an approved course
  • be studying a full-time undergraduate course of at least two years' duration for the first time.

For further information, see the Fees Schedule information.

2. Student Contribution Charge

For entry in 2019, this will amount to €3,000. This is an annual fee (subject to change) and must be paid by all students.

Students in receipt of a grant will have this paid by Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI).

3. Capitation Fee

This capitation fee covers membership of the Union of Students of Ireland (USI), of UCC student services, clubs and societies and of the Mardyke Sports Arena. The capitation Fee of €250 is not covered by the Higher Education Grant Scheme. All students must pay this fee, regradless if you receive a Student Grant or not.


Accommodation costs 

Your accommodation plays a very significant role in ensuring the success of your college year. Please take the time to select the accommodation option most suitable to your needs and your pocket.

The good news is that there is an excellent supply of accommodation in Cork for all our students and you will have a good choice in each sector.

A breakdown of accommodation costs can be viewed at http://accommodation.ucc.ie/Accommodation


Academic costs 

General academic costs

The academic costs involved in being a UCC student can vary depending on your course, and also on how much efficient you are in terms of your study and the resources you require.

  • Books

You may feel that you need to buy every book in relation to your course, which is very admirable but it will also be very costly, with the average cost of a book at third level being approximately €80.

What if you rush out to buy four books at a total cost of €320, and then never use them?

You could have used that €320 to pay for a month’s rent or a few weeks food shopping.

Some core books you will need to purchase, but be frugal in your urge to buy books – instead borrow them from the UCC library or share with your friends!

  • Photocopying and printing

Be careful when you are printing or photocopying notes etc.

Every page you produce is costing you money so only print what you actually need and where possible, print “back to back” as this is cheaper – you will be surprised at how much money you lose when you over print!

Below is a breakdown of printing costs in the Boole library.

A4 Black & White single sided (simplex): 7c per page
A4 Black & White double sided (duplex): 6c per page

*Maximum number of pages per print job will be 50 pages

  • Laptops

You may feel that now you are a third level student, you MUST have a laptop – but you don’t!

UCC has great computer lab facilities with a hundreds of available computers, and open for long periods of the day, so chances are that you will find a computer!

Have you or your parents a spare €500 to spend on a laptop that you probably don’t need? – probably not!


Specific course costs 

Depending on the course you are studying, there may be costs within the course that you may not be aware of and these unexpected costs may affect your student budget and may put you under strain at times. These

costs will be on top of the regular day to day academic costs of books, printing and photocopying.

The best advice is to speak to someone actually studying the course who will give you the costs involved, both expected and unexpected.

If struggling to meet these costs, ask for help!

Make an appointment with myself or speak with your department in relation to specific department costs such as fieldtrips, course equipment etc.


Below is a list of costs students incur that they may not have been aware of upon commencement of their course.


  • College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science

Some subjects require you to undertake fieldtrips as part of the course content. These can be in Ireland or abroad and unfortunately, you will have to pay towards the fieldtrip costs, which could range from €10 to €500.

If receiving a Student Grant, you may be able to claim a refund for part or all of these costs.

You should contact SUSI or your awarding Local Authority, where appropriate, in relation to this potential refund.

Other courses such as CK116: BEd Sports Studies and Physical Education (SSPE) also have other costs, such as coaching courses and clothing costs, associated with it.

More information can be viewed at http://www.ucc.ie/en/ck116/

These costs include official SSPE sports clothing at the beginning of first year, approx. €130, and this is to be worn over the four years on placement and for practical activities.

Other costs include coaching and First Aid costs, which can vary from €15 to €500 and must be completed over the four years.


  • College of Business and Law

Some courses in the College of Business and Law require students to go on six month placements in third year, and there can be costs, such as travel, accommodation etc., involved for students.

Also, before CK201 (Commerce) students can commence their placement, they must hold a valid ECDL qualification.

The UCC Computer Training centre offers training in ECDL for all registered UCC students – the course costs a total of €195, consisting of €55 for a Skills card and 7 x €20 for the course modules.

Further information can be viewed at http://www.ucc.ie/en/tcentre/ecdl/


  • College of Science, Engineering and Food Sciences

There are associated costs with courses in the College of Science, Engineering and Food Sciences. These include lap equipment such as lab coats, goggles and dissection kits, laboratory manuals etc.

Fieldtrips can also form an important role in courses and, as with courses in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science, you will have to pay towards the fieldtrip costs, which could range from €10 to €500.

If receiving a Student Grant, you may be able to claim a refund for part or all of these costs.

You should contact SUSI or your awarding Local Authority, where appropriate, in relation to this potential refund.

As part of your course you may undergo a placement element for six months in 3rd year. This placement may be in Ireland or abroad, and there will be costs such as travel, accommodation etc. involved.


  • College of Medicine and Health

Within the College of Medicine and Health, there are course costs such as immunisations, which can be obtained from the UCC Student Health centre for a cost of €225, for some courses such as Medicine and Nursing.

More information can be obtained at http://www.ucc.ie/en/studenthealth/

Dentistry students can also incur course cost in relation to their dental kits in 3rd year to the value of approx. €4000. More information can be obtained at http://www.ucc.ie/en/dentalschool/

Medical students can also incur costs in relation to their accommodation costs for the placement elements of their course. More information can be obtained at http://www.ucc.ie/en/medical/


So as start your college career or as you progress through your college careers, it might be a good decision to be aware if the costs of your course – both apparent such as Fees but also those “hidden” costs such as

fieldtrips, course equipment and requirements.

The best way to get this information is to ask about it

Ask someone doing the course, ask the department running the course, or ask me, the Budgetary Advisor because “forewarned is forearmed” and you can then budget accordingly!


Daily costs as a student

Student life can be as expensive as you make it - good budgeting skills and practises can make student life more manageable financially and can help to maximise your student experience in UCC.

Shop around for the best deals, use your student card to avail of student discounts, "club in" with friends or housemates for general house items such as milk, bread, butter etc.

Below is a breakdown of student food costs that may be applicable to you:

Tesco *



Oranges 1.5kg

€ 2.79


€ 2.19

Bananas x 8

€ 1.56

Spaghetti 500g

€ 1.59

Mushrooms 500g

€ 1.99

Pasta sauce


Sliced ham 300g

€ 2.99

Basmati rice 500g

€ 2.29

Eggs x 6

€ 1.09

Milk (1L)


Chicken breasts 310g

€ 3.99

Tea bags x 160

€ 3.29

Chops 600g

€ 4.19


€ 3.09

Potatoes 2kg

€ 3.49

Sugar 1kg

€ 1.19

Corn flakes 750g

€ 2.49

Cheese 200g

€ 2.00

Washing powder 3kg

€ 2.95

Apples x 6

€ 2.49

Washing up liquid 500ml

€ 0.79

Onions x 3

€ 1.49

Toilet rolls x 12

€ 2.69



€ 52.97


* as taken from www.tesco.ie on 02/07/2016





€7 - €9.50


€10 - €40


€1 - €1.80

2nd hand bicycle

€40 - €120

City bus ticket

€ 1.70


Student Budgeting Advice Service

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