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Access UCC Traveller Success Fund

What is the Access UCC Traveller Success Fund?

The Access UCC Traveller Success Fund is a bursary scheme established to assist students from the Irish Traveller Community to pursue their education ambitions at University College Cork.

The Fund is supported by the Dormant Accounts Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to encourage participation and success by students who are from the Traveller Community, as indicated in the National Access Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education (NAP) (2015 – 2021) which identifies the target groups that are currently under-represented in higher education, including Irish Travellers.


What bursaries are available?

Awardees may receive a supplementary bursary for the 2022/23 academic year in addition to any award received through the Student Assistance Fund (Full-time students) or Financial Aid Fund (Part-time students).


How do I apply?

For the academic year 2022/23, applications for the Access UCC Traveller Success Fund will run in tandem with the two funds mentioned below. To be considered for this bursary, applicants must either:

  • Make an application through the Student Assistance Fund if a full time registered student in UCC - currently open and taking applications


  • Make an application through the Financial Aid Fund if a part time registered student in UCC 


  • Self-declare as part of the relevant fund that they are from the Irish Traveller Community


What type of supporting documentation do I need to supply with my application?

Applicants must meet the requirements of either the Student Assistance Fund or Financial Aid Fund.  Details of the application process and financial documentation required for each is available on the websites of each fund.

Applicants must self-declare that they are a member of the Irish Traveller community and are not required to submit any supporting target group documentary evidence to be considered for this bursary.



All queries can be made by emailing:

Student Financial Supports and Advice

Tacaíocht agus Comhairle Airgeadais do Mhic Léinn

1st Floor, The Hub , T12YF78