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What Is the Financial Aid Fund for Part Time Students?

The Financial Aid Part-Time Fund provides financial assistance for part-time higher education students who are experiencing financial difficulties while attending college. It is a separate amount of money allocated to part-time students that comes under the auspices of the Student Assistance Fund. 

The Financial Aid Part-Time Fund is partly supported by the Irish government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020. 

  • The fund cannot be used for tuition fees related to the course you are undertaking.
  • The fund is specifically intended to help students with the living & course material costs associated with attending college. 

If you require any further assistance or information you may make an appointment online or in person.  

Who Can Apply For The Financial Aid Fund?

All part-time students (subject to EU status), registered on courses that lead to a higher education award (NFQ level 6-10), for the 2023/24 academic year will be eligible to apply for assistance from the fund. The Financial Aid Part-Time fund is a means-tested fund.  There are a number of factors that contribute to the applicants' financial assessment, however, as a guide applications with an income in excess of €54,000 may be ineligible - Please also be aware being under this amount does not guarantee an award. 

  • Funds are limited and not all applicants may be eligible and/or may not be awarded funding. 
  • Students can only apply once per academic year and if successful, awards are a once-off payment.
  • There is no official closing date for the Student Assistance Fund, but once all funds are dispersed the fund will close.

However, students pursuing a programme at the same or lower level than a qualification they already possess are ineligible to apply. Students may be supported for one repeat year only. PhD applicants may be supported for years 1 – 4 only. 

This Financial Aid Part-Time Fund, as directed by the HEA (Higher Education Authority), is primarily targeted at lone parents or members of the other access target groups. However, any eligible part-time student who is facing financial difficulty should consider applying to the fund. 


The target access groups include those who identify as:

Lone Parent                                   ¨

Irish Traveller                                ¨

Teen Parent                                  ¨

First-time entrant to college           ¨

Low-Income Household                ¨

A student with a disability                   ¨

Socially Disadvantaged Area          ¨

Non-Manual/Unskilled Worker     ¨


How Do I Make an Application?

  • Applications are made through the online application form.  Applications will be open from Wednesday 15th November 2023 from 12 pm.


    Students will be required to complete sections within the application form outlining their financial status (for the financial year 2022), their residential status, and biographical information.

  • Applications are assessed on the basis of household income for the year 2022, supporting financial documentation will be required.

How Student Financial Household Income is Assessed

Student Financial Household Income is determined by last year's income (for this academic year that is 2022).  This can be student income and/or Parent/Guardian income.  Dependency on parental income will be determined by the age of the student as of the 1st of January of the year they commenced their studies.

A sample of household circumstances are outlined below: 

  • Applicants U23 years of age - will be assessed on their own and parent/guardian income.
  • Applicants over 23 years of age - will be assessed on their own income if living independently of parents, however, if an applicant is residing with parent/guardian/partner etc. income for those individuals will also be taken into consideration.
  • Other Circumstances – An appointment is necessary prior to commencing the application process. 

As you progress through the application form, your household situation will be determined and the information you provide will guide you as to what financial documentation you need to provide to support your application. 

What If I Have Any Questions About The Form Or The Process?

All queries on the application form can be answered by first reading the information on this website. 

Any additional questions can be emailed to the Administrator: 


Or you can make an appointment to speak to an Advisor

What Income Do You Assess?

Examples of Financial Supporting Documentation

The documents generally required to complete your application include:  

  • PAYE Employment - Statement of Liability for the year 2022 
  • Self Employed - Notice of Assessment/Self-Assessment letter 2022 and Form 11A 
  • Department of Social Protection payments - Statements for 2022 (1st January 2022 -31st December 2022)  


While not an exhaustive list, the following are some factors that we consider: 

  • Whether or not you are living with your parents 
  • Your age on 01 January of the first year of entry to your present course of study 
  • Your financial independence 


What Can The Award Monies Be Used For?

There is no longer a requirement to submit receipts to receive your award. The new simplified procedure will be explained if you are successful in your application for funding.

The following items are allowable types of expenditure for the Part Time Financial Aid Fund:


Class materials


Travel of an urgent or essential nature

Food, Heat & Light

Childcare Expenses

Medical expenses

Expenses associated with bereavement

Compulsory study abroad

Expenses associated with family breakdown

Expenses assoc from accidents



Awards made through the Financial Aid Part-Time Fund cannot be used to pay Student Fees.

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